Why the clothing industry?

In our country the clothing sector is witnessing an economic boom, no matter whether if it is men's wear, women or kids wear. Not many industries are recession proof. Clothing industry is one such segment of industry for doing business which creates beneficial as well as profitable economic opportunities at any time of the year offering high return on investments. There is a considerable amount of scope in this industry as the fashion taste of people keeps on changing frequently and with the precise touch of marketing, business model, vision and the right strategy one can do phenomenally well creating great business and franchising opportunities and well, obviously the loads of money which comes with it and the proud moment of owning one's own clothing store.

Apparel franchise proves to be a beneficial industry to step in for an entrepreneur looking to enter the franchising industry. In today's time people expect their clothes to fit well and make them look perfect, that is the reason the demand for apparel industry has increased. Due to the surplus demand of clothing items, famous apparel franchise brands are offering entrepreneurs a business opportunity to operate as their Profitable Business Opportunities in Clothing Industry.

The Brands

Chhabra 555, Ritu Kumar, Lee, Siyaram, Lilliput(kids wear) are some of the brands which don't need any introduction. The origin of chhabra 555 goes back in time, almost 6 decades back in time founded and established by Sh. Krishan lal chhabra and with time the small establishment grew to be one of the most popular apparel stores of Delhi NCR creating great business opportunities in clothing sector. With its highly experienced sales executive and reasonable pricing it has managed to win the heart and trust of its customers providing them with the exact thing which they want.

Franchisezing is here to help you own the renowned brands providing franchise and work for your profit and growth in much shorter time as compared to a start-up from scratch. We cater almost every big name providing franchise business opportunity in order to reach every corner of the world. Browse through the business opportunities as per your investment capabilities and interest for the desired brand.

Area required- 1500 sq.ft

Cost of opening franchise-1 crore

Return on investment- 63%

SIYARAM has been known for delivering high standard suiting and shirting fabric products for the last three decades. The respect for its employees is the key or the simple philosophy which has enabled it to manufacture quality products.

And with the right guidance from franchisezing even you; yes you can do wonders with your Profitable Business Opportunities in Clothing Industry ideas and perspective.

Expected investment for franchise- 5,00,000-10,00,000

Capital investment required- 15-25 lakhs

Expected Return on investment- 36% p.a

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