About the creators of Profit Siege

John Hostler is well-known as successful affiliate marketer and a good copywriter who created several internet marketing products before. To name a few, he came up with Maximum PLR, Master Resell Rights, Chunk Copy and The Lead Portal. He also wrote several helpful articles and run a few membership sites.

Steven Rounds is actually a former Paypal employee. Before this, he made lots of money online mainly from CPA marketing. His traffic methods varied from search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-view and pay-per-click.

So far, not much details about Profit Siege is exposed. However, it is known that Profit Siege is the exact formula to generate tons of income from Clickbank. This launch is expected to be huge and live to the hype, especially when both creators already made several killer products in the past.

I had a quick look into the members area which looks very promising to me. You can see the screenshot below to see what you receive inside the members area. As you can see there are tons of training videos and a secret software that has to be installed before you even begin. The Software can easily be installed and is a true ease to generate tons of traffic to your website. Additionally there is a bonus section that I won’t reveal now and also a Resources area where all the tools and free programs are mentioned that you need in order to profit from this proven methods.

I know that John Hostler and Steven Rounds are renowned marketers that are always happy to help others. There are many beginners and newbies out there who are struggling to get their first checks. The good thing is that there are some good products like Profit Siege out there who can definitely help them to succeed.

On the other hand there are many Marketing Guru’s that promise instant pay-checks for everyone. That is not true because you have to put in the effort to get paid. This is a key fact that many newbies miss out when they want to begin. However, Profit Siege is the right way to start your online career because it is informative and goes deep into detail. From my experience you can see the first profits coming in after 4-5 days and then you can simply scale it up to the sky.

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