Are continues enough or a recruitment or hiring manager to know candidate? Shouldn't something be said about applicant traits that may not appear to be significant from the outset but rather are imperative for hiring manager? Besides qualification and experience, do resumes also offer a glimpse into the all-important proficiencies of candidates that have shown up in your search? How do you measure these proficiencies and compare them in candidates?

Without such data, recruiters or hiring manager today shortlist resumes based on skills and normally utilize their nature and experience to rank candidates that can be a fit for the organization.

What recruiters need: A candidate needs to have just the right skills to fit into a vacancy. So any smart recruiter would want to have a peek the work habits of the candidate, how the person gels with his coworkers, how he/she performs and how much of a fit he/she will be in the company’s culture. These are crucial characteristics a hiring manager wants to know before interviewing and short listing a candidate.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which they could really quantify those significant qualities.
So to support enrollment specialists, Foxijobs has come up with a unique new element called the Proficiency Graph.

The characteristics depends on explanatory experiences drawn from competitor profiles through information mining with the goal that enrollment specialists can take educated choices before passing on the resumes to the contracting administrators or short listing the profile.

Proficiency Graph

To give recruiters a chance to find the right candidate as per the requirement, Proficiency Graph examines the candidate's profile dependent on these parameters.

Management Proficiency
Communication Proficiency
Research Proficiency
Technical Proficiency
Analytical Proficiency
Creative Proficiency
Leadership Proficiency
Interpersonal Abilities

To see better, have a look to all the parameters:
Planning/Organizing: This refers to the candidate’s ability to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within allotted time frames.
Management Proficiency: This refers to the candidate’s ability to make business decision.

Training/Mentoring: This refers to the candidate’s ability in certain area where it help them to guide co-workers.

Technical Proficiency: This refers to the candidate’s practical knowledge to perform the work in specified area.

Research Proficiency: This is a candidate’s ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more info and identify key issues that need to be addressed.

Creative Proficiency: This is a candidate’s ability to turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.
Analytical Proficiency: This is a candidate’s ability to visualize, gather information, articulate and analyze to solve complex problems.

Leadership Proficiency: This deals with a candidate’s ability to take charge among coworkers. They are goal-driven leaders who maintain a productive climate and confidently motivate and coach employees for high performance.

Interpersonal Abilities: This is the ability of a candidate to relate to coworkers, inspire others to participate and mitigate conflict with co-workers.
Communications Proficiency (listening, verbal and written): Probably the most sought after skill by employers — the ability to listen, write, and speak effectively. Successful communication is critical for business.

Teamwork: Since most jobs involve working in work-groups, the candidate must be able to work with others while achieving a common goal.
Using Proficiency Graph

When a recruiter searches a profile on Foxijobs, in the search result page, he/she can see the top three Proficiency Graph parameter of the candidate. The recruiter can get a detailed view of all the parameters he/she needs to click on “View all strengths” link.

Example Suppose a recruiter is looking for tech lead in Java development. So in the current scenario, the recruiter specialist will look by characterizing the experience, the area, the job and the key abilities, for example, Java, J2EE and get the outcome, and from that point forward, invest energy in perusing all profiles for filtration and sending to the enlisting hiring manager.

In any case, the new Proficiency Graph feature saves a lot of time for the recruiter by showing us the indications of the proficiency in different genres that cannot be directly searched.

In this way, in the above example, an individual who has all the above abilities just as great administration capability will be the best fit for the tech lead position. What's more, he can get that view quickly from Proficiency Graph.Scanning for the right candidate ought to be simple and fast. Proficiency Graph is a step in that direction.

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