The greatest misnomer is to think students' GPA is indicative of their intelligence. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Some of the smartest people I know scored poorly on tests, not because these students weren't smart, but because they were lazy and refused to study. Hence their grades were also low in keeping with their laziness and lack of focus.

Your GPA points to your focus and ability to stay on target, on point with your academic curriculum. Many intelligent people enjoy the challenge of an SAT, ACT or college entrance exam. These same intelligent students however often find school terribly boring and monotonous. This explains their high standardized test scores and low GPA.

You don't always have to study to score high on a standardized test if you somewhat listen daily and attend class. Yet to earn a high GPA you have to turn in daily classwork, do your homework, and study for exams. These demands are rigorous and require ongoing focus, something many intelligent people don't have.

Therefore your GPA reveals your level of focus, consistency, and intensity academically.

Here are a few secrets to I share with college students throughout the world to improve their GPA, that is to Generate Power Academically:

1. Remember why you are studying.

School is a pathway and bridge to dream fulfillment. It is not the totality of your life, nor should it be allowed to fully define your life. Nevertheless the reality is good grades reveal an aspect about your life, how disciplined you are or are not. Therefore school is a place to build mental muscle and show off.

Approach academics with this mindset realizing that you are a Master student today, but tomorrow a prospective employee who shall be seeking a job with resume in hand. Your grades (or lack thereof) will be a signal to your future employer as to the quality of your character, extent of your skills, and depth of your mental acumen.

2. Say no to that which is good to wholeheartedly attend to that which is best.

Earnestly hold to your academic focus remembering that it will pay mighty dividends to you by way of future professional opportunities and even scholarships (if you do well) academically. Hence scoring high marks in school can save you financially, while simultaneously catapulting you forward professionally.
The only way to elevate yourself and go to the next level economically in life is by way of the people you associate with and the books you read. Cultivating intelligence, wisdom and skill will empower you to live your dreams. To neglect to do so will abandon you with purposeless people on a dead end street leading to destruction.

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I am Rahul Raheja, Highly passionate writer, who loves creating an imaginary world with his writings.Business Development Consultant, Strategist,Blogger, Traveller, Motivational Writer & Speaker