There is nothing as unique in a person's life as the day they get married. Now, with that in mind, there is nothing more important to a person than preserving those cherished memories. Now, wedding photos have been around for a long time. They are a great way to capture the ecstasy and thrill of weddings, but wedding videos are a whole other thing in their own right! We have some very effective wedding videography tips for you to get started.

Capturing a wedding on video is an even smoother, simpler, and better way to preserve memories compared to the olden days of photographs. Unlike photographs, videos can preserve every single emotion, drink, and laughter at the wedding. You will get to see your whole family cheer you on, your spouse's joy and you get to cherish it forever in a motion picture.

You won’t get to observe every aspect of your wedding. Don’t kid yourself! You’re excited, you’re having fun, and you’re focusing on an essential part of your newlywed life, your spouse! With wedding videos, you’re able to rewatch and in turn, relive that moment time and time again. You’re free to immortalize the emotion and the situation on the internet, and never fear to lose those cherished memories again!

Now, as a photographer and videographer, you certainly can improve your business practice by a whole lot. There is nothing worse than an unhappy newlywed couple. In the wedding community, word of mouth is everything! So make sure to please all of your clients to the best of your ability. Now, you might ask yourself:” How do I achieve this feat?” Simple!

Follow the next few wedding videography tips, and you’ll be on your way to videography stardom!

Understand What Your Client Wants

Your business starts with your client. Before you do anything, you need to know what your client wants. Start your job by discussing it with your clients and finding out if they have some special requirements or requests for you. They might want you to capture specific moments, details, and people you didn’t even think of capturing. Everyone is free to cherish any memory they want, and it’s your job to help them out!

Keep a Professional Attitude

Remember, you’re not there as a guest, you have a job to do. If someone is annoying you to sit down and have a drink with them, kindly decline and go along on your way. If someone is persistent in stopping you from doing your job, you cannot freak out. Either report them to the groom or the security staff, depending on your location.

Always be polite to everyone there, and adhere to the requests of the guests. They are also an essential part of the venue, and you need to capture their moments as well. Be a ghost. Be fast, effective, and don’t infringe on any wedding activities.

Offer to attend the wedding rehearsal, and plan out some shots with the bride and the groom. Attending the wedding rehearsal is also a great way to learn and understand. You will learn where the dimly lit places are, and where you can place your camera to take the best shots possible.

Use Professional Equipments

Use professional equipment for the job. This is one of the most important wedding videography tips. Not everyone can afford 5000$ photography and videography camera, but you sure can rent it out for a fraction of the price. It’s not an expense. It’s an investment in your further business!

Don’t be afraid to employ the help of some coworkers if you think you can’t handle everything yourself.

Also, never forget to pack a spare. If your current equipment fails you for any reason whatsoever, you’ll find yourself blacklisted in the market! There is nothing worse than failing to do your job correctly. So be sure to pack a spare for everything you bring: a spare camera, lenses, tripods, diffusers, everything, and anything. It’s better to be safe now than jobless tomorrow.

Camera stability is one of the most critical parts of a good photograph. What makes the difference between the best photograph of your life and a throwaway piece, is just a shake away. Tripods can sometimes be too bulky for weddings, so consider using a monopod. Use a quick-release button on all of your equipment to further optimize your speed.

Abundance, not Redundancy

You need to capture everything you can, as much as you can. You also need to be quick, as some emotions, moments, and people can be there for a select amount of time. Be sure to have a lot of pictures on the camera roll, and then fine-tune the best ones in the editing process. You again need to go by the better safe than sorry mentality, so be sure to have enough material to work with!

You’re not there to only capture the happy couple; you’re there to capture everything from all of the guests to the venue itself. Don’t spend too much time on one thing. It’s best to capture everything, as much as you can, than to keep your focus on one thing for too long.

Editing the Video

Editing is also a significant part of any quality photograph or video file. All professional videography companies understand that. The Video Caddy wedding video editing team is one videography company that work closely with their clients from the beginning till the end to ensure that they give exactly what the client has in mind. You can’t present a raw photograph of the couple, as there is always something you can improve. Discuss your editing with your clients, and work in unison with them to provide them with the best possible results.

Keep in mind that the couple you’re working with might have never used editing software in their lives, so be sure to present a lot of examples of how things might turn out if you employ various techniques and methods of editing.

Plan Your Actions

In conclusion, it’s best to plan out all of your actions before the wedding itself. With a flexible plan, you’re sure to provide a quick and efficient service, and in turn, get more business in the long run. Remember, recommendations are everything!

If you’ve provided a good service, you’re sure to get recommended to friends of the happy couple, and repeat the process until you’re running your very own wedding photography and videography empire! Best of luck!

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Helen Clark is a professional content developer at Video Caddy. She works closely with creative and videography professionals and has in-depth knowledge of video, animation, storyboard topics.