1. Opt out of distractions to allow time for focused thinking:
- Turn off e-mail indicator on your task bar and send calls to voicemail
- Set Blackberry alarm (for how long you can work) and then hide in drawer
- Close your door or hang a picture of a closed door on your cubicle wall (provided below)
- If possible, turn to an open work area that doesn’t have a computer

Impact Value: It isn’t a big revelation that interruptions decrease productivity; however it is important to realize that “multi-tasking” is also a distraction. Give yourself distraction-free time to focus only on one task and watch your productivity increase.

2. Find creative storage in a cubicle, corner office, or even a binder:
- Use hanging cubicle wall pockets for your inbox/outbox, extra filing space, or a handy paper supply
- Add adhesive vinyl pockets to the inside of folders, binders, planners, etc. for containing loose notes or papers
- Use magazine holders to contain project files or papers to keep them easily accessible but off your desk when not in use

Impact Value: Whether right or wrong, the look and functionality of your space reflects on you as an employee. Show off your resourcefulness and organizing savvy while increasing your productivity with easy updates to your systems.

3. Develop a meeting prep checklist to focus you immediately prior to meetings. Allow 5-10 minutes to:
- Review notes, questions, and meeting objectives
- Gather necessary information and materials
- Actively switch thoughts from other projects to task at hand
- Arrive on-time to conference call or meeting location

Impact Value: By helping to start the meeting on time and keeping it focused you are ultimately saving yourself time and contributing to the compounded time savings across all meeting participants.

Author's Bio: 

Julie L. Gray is the owner of Profound Impact, LLC a Life Balance and Organization Company that supports individuals seeking greater life balance and positive change through: Assessment/Consulting, Space Organization, Productivity Coaching, and Personal Assistant Programs.

Highly energetic and intuitive to the needs of her clients, Julie has developed a holistic approach to life balance management and organization that is both practical and powerful. Developed from her own challenges with time, space, and energy, Julie has first hand knowledge of the impact of this process. Her true passion is witnessing the exciting changes that take place when people commit to making a positive change.

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