Future’s Past Events is a corporate event production company specializing in coordinating and producing spectacular events which connect your audience with your brand. With 23 years of experience in providing event production services to some of the largest corporations in Toronto, hosting internal and external events with amazing, engaging displays.

Special Event Production Services Company
As a leading special event production company with vast experience and resources to promote and produce your corporate event with enormous success, we offer decades of expertise in promoting internal events such as sales meetings, conferences and training sessions, or external events including public promotions. FPE also provide all corporate event production services including securing the venue and all onsite execution required to bring your vision from concept to reality.

Future’s Past Events is an event production company that bringing event solutions to corporations. We are also problem solvers, offering excellent customer service and tech support for every program as your satisfaction is our main concern. And another strong point is that we act as an extension of your marketing team, alleviating the technical aspect of executing your concept with spectacular displays.


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Blerina Laska