There are different types of photography, and when it comes to a particular topic or subject, there are several principles that professionals need to follow to get the desired output. So, today we will focus on some of the principles of product photography and this will give you an idea of how the professional photographers in Brisbane click such attractive photos.

  • Choosing the correct lighting is important

In product photography, choosing the right lighting is very important. For example, when it comes to clicking photos of jewellery, a jewellery photographer will need to determine if he wants to capture the photo in natural light or artificial light. This, however, depends on the jewellery of which he is taking the photos.

If the jewellery is too colourful and shiny, choosing artificial lighting is might be the best option. Of course, the final output can be edited with advanced image editing tools.

On the other hand, for products such as household goods or gardening equipment, natural lighting might be the best option. 

  • Choosing the right background

When it comes to jewelry or any other products, choosing the right background is important as it helps to highlight the product. So, if the photo of jewelry is being clicked, choosing a dark or light background is the best idea. 

However, to make the product look attractive, the photographer can experiment with other types of backgrounds too such as red, purple, etc. depending on the texture and shape of the product.

  • Shooting in the right camera angle

In product photography, camera angle plays a very important role. The professional product photographer in Brisbane will determine the right angle of the camera to make the product look enticing. For this, he will click multiple photos from different angles and then select the ones that look best.

  • Shooting with the tripod

For shooting the photo properly, the professional will always use a tripod as it lets you shoot the photos with consistency. Moreover, by using the tripod, the photographer will be able to maintain the right camera angles when clicking the photos of the products.

  • Photo editing details

After clicking the photos, the professional will have to edit the photo depending on the needs of the clients. He will adjust the exposure, brightness-contrast, depth of field and other options to make the product photo look enticing.

  • Experimenting with different types of shots

There are different types of camera shots and the jewellery photographer will experiment with these to achieve the best output. He might use the macro shot or the medium close up to highlight the details such as colour and texture keeping in mind the target audience and the type of advertisement. 

  • Depth of field

Though the depth of field is rarely used in product photography, it is an important principle too that helps to bring the main product in focus. 

Capturing the photo with the correct amount of depth of field requires practice and experience. So, depending on the type of jewellery or any other product, the professional can experiment with it.

  • Shadows and Highlights

Shadows and highlights are other aspects on which the photographer will focus on and when it comes to a product, the photographer can keep the naturally shot shadows or might edit them as per the client’s requirements.

Apart from these, there are other principles too that photographers might follow and we will discuss them in another article.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an experienced jewellery photographer in Brisbane who loves to shoot photos of different type of jewellery that makes a person look attractive.