If you’re looking for a unique work of art to put on the wall of your home, then you’ll know how difficult finding this can be. Finding art that suits your tastes whilst also meeting your budget is difficult, if not impossible, particularly if you want something which isn’t mass produced. A photo canvas can solve this problem by bringing together digital photography and canvas printing in a way which produces an object of great beauty and style.

The excellent quality offered by state of the art digital camera equipment makes it possible for photographers of virtually any ability to produce vibrant, rich and often stunning images. If you take a second to think of the pictures which you’ve taken, the chances are that there will be at least one of which you are particularly proud. It could be that it’s a particularly touching picture of your children – something like a candid snap of them at play or a portrait which captures their personalities in a way seldom seen in studio based, professionally produced shots.

Alternatively, you may have taken an impressive picture of a favourite beauty spot, a beach at sunset or a forest in full bloom. In the past, the best that you could do with a favourite photo such as this was to have it enlarged and perhaps mounted in a frame, but even making it slightly larger would have a negative effect on the quality of the image and the finished result would fail to do justice to the power of the photograph. Putting pictures on canvas, on the other hand, is a method which allows you to show off your photography in all its glory as well as, at the same time, producing a bespoke work of art which will grace the walls of absolutely any home.

The quality of the materials used for canvas printing, in terms of the canvas itself, the sturdy wooden frame and the technology behind the actual printing, means that the resulting canvas prints are of a standard most normally associated with artworks hanging in galleries or for sale in expensive art shops. Even cheap canvas prints are made using the ‘wrap around’ technique, which means that the image is printed to the very edge of the canvas, which is then stretched around the frame, resulting in a totally professional look. The software used to put photos on canvas has been specifically designed to make the entire process quick and simple.

The hardest part of the whole procedure will probably be choosing just one image to turn into a work of art, but once you’ve done this you can upload it and set about turning it into a canvas print. The options available to you begin with the size and shape of the print, ranging from small square prints suitable for intimate personal photographs to large, imposing portrait or landscape style prints of a type which will dominate the largest of rooms. Canvas printing doesn’t only allow you to show off a favourite image to the best possible effect, it’s also a means of producing stunning gifts which absolutely anyone would be happy to receive. After all, it’s not many people who can afford to give a one off artwork as a Christmas or birthday present, but putting a photo on canvas will allow you to do exactly that and the image concerned, what’s more, will be one that’s handpicked to suit the tastes and personality of the recipient.

Whether you’re a professional photographer wanting to showcase your work, a gifted amateur keen to make the most of your gifts or just someone who’d like to own a unique and personal work of art, a photo canvas will tick every single box. Canvas printing takes art out of the hands of an elite few and puts it within easy reach of anybody.

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Bonusprint has been in the photo printing and framing business for many years, always believing in offering a top quality service for a truly competitive price. It is a shame to leave digital photos in the digital domain when they can be so cheaply reproduced as personalised greeting cards, canvas prints, a poster or, like a work of art, photo on canvas.