Steadiness is something that you need to have to do something in life. Perseverance is really hard but it is not impossible. You have to have Perseverance and Steadiness for anything you are doing now. You have to work hard in your field till you get fruit and you will notice a consequence for the things you are doing now that's for sure. There is an outcome for everything you do and that depends on time.
Time is something that you can't control but you can use the time to invest in yourself and wait for the outcome. You have to push yourself beyond your limits every time you get an outcome. You can't even imagine what you can do with time. Time is precious and it can change your life upside down whenever it wants. If you do good, stay positive, dogma in yourself, ready to face any obstruction, and work hard I am sure that you will see a positive outcome and Time will help you to give an outcome of that work.
Time can be good and worse at some point in life. The worse point teaches you the other side of life, and the good point is the time when you celebrate the outcome that you have achieved till now. Everyone has their own time doing something. Your time will also appear but before that, you have to work hard so that you become unstoppable when your time originates.
If you are having a hard time right now, don't be panic, don't get angry, don't fear, don't get depressed. I know its easy to say DON'T but you have to keep yourself motivated every day till you receive an outcome. These are the mark of a negative soul, demotivated soul. You will get angry at some point, you will feel fear, you will get depressed, you will cry in a closed room and no one will come to know what is going in your life and that's what time is.
And you know why these things happen with (teenagers) us.?
I Don't Know, I faced monetary problems a few months back and I felt the bad vibes that were coming out of me. I got demotivated and I was thinking of money all the time. I was just thinking to earn as much as possible no matter what happens to my health, I was not taking care of myself but I was running to earn money. I got depressed and took a break for 3 months.
Before I took a break a mess was automatically formed inside me. I was not sure about anything and it's really hard to keep all the things inside yourself. But you have to keep things inside of yourself, no one is bothered about what you are doing. Everyone around you is either taking advantage of yours or they are watching what you can do. They won't help you to grow rather they will tell you to stop what you are doing. Don't permit them to say what you can do and what you can't do. But if you feel you need a break just take it. We are just teens man.! We have enough time to think about what we can do. you can be successful at the age of 21 and also at the age of 59. It's never too late for anything. Just take a break if you think you need one. It took 3 months for me to come out of the dilemma that I was in.
Comeback in life in such a way that you will give 100% once again until you fail. I believe you do a lot of research before buying any product the same way you should also do some research on yourself so that you can at least know what you want. I did the same thing and continued my life, and I failed once again. It took me 19 years to think of what I need in my life.
We, teens, get these types of vibes once the man-made currency takes control over your mind, brain, and body. Currency is the root of all solutions but it is also the root of all types of problems. Don't run after money, run after the work you love, your time will come and you will succeed.
Everyone who is reading this.!
I believe you guys love to do something which makes you happy. Have you ever scrutinized the things you can do in that realm.? If not then do it, work hard for that wait for the time to come. If yes, then aren't you progressing.? Yes, that's great. NO, take a try to do something else you like. We are in the 21th-century buddy you can connect with anyone you want for the thing you like.
Time is not something that will cause harm to you. You have to utilize your own time to take your life in the right or in the wrong way. Time is something that tells about everyone in your life. Time is something unstoppable. Time is something that doesn't give a fuck if you are wasting or utilizing it. Time is something which can change a poor and sad people's life to a happy and peaceful life. Everything has its own time. If you are worried about something don't just sit back and relax, think of a way to get out of that. Come out of your comfort zone so that TIME can help you to change your life. Take your time, make a plan, work hard on that shit till you get a fruit, and wait, Time will do that for you.


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