When people talk about something they have been struggling with as of late or for most of their life, procrastination is often mentioned. This could be something that is having an impact on every area of someone’s life in extreme cases or it could be something that just appears in certain areas.

One might then come to the conclusion that they have a big problem and that something needs to be done. Or they could just overlook it and come up with all kinds of reasons as to why they are this way.

External Sources

And while someone is going to have one outlook or another in regards to this, they are also going to be influenced by what they hear and read about. This could be what others say in their social circle, as well as the media, the internet and through the books that they read.

Through being exposed to these external sources, one could feel even more pressure to remove all procrastination from their life. And when it does appear, there is going to be the potential for all kinds of associations to be triggered, these could include guilt and shame.

They are then beating themselves up and it is not necessary to have anyone else there to do. With them feeling as though they are: weak, incapable and even a failure, amongst others things. This could then become a cycle and one ends up feeling even worse.


It doesn’t take a genius to realise that if one continually puts things of in their life they are going to suffer in one way or another. And this is something that is going to apply to their career, relationships or health, or all of these things.

To ignore something in the beginning might not cause too many problems, but if this were to continue and be a pattern in one’s life, it is likely to be a different story. In this case, one will need to deal with their tendency to put things off and find a way to take action.


So one could then look for some kind of solution and this could be because an area of their life has got out of hand or it could be on the verge of being that way. They could look for motivation and inspiration, anything to get things moving.

And focusing on the pain of what might happen, if they were to carry on as they are, might be enough. Having someone else in their life to give them a push every now and then, might also work.

A Closer Look

These solutions might work or they might not, but what they won’t do is look into why someone is procrastinating in the first place. And what is clear here is that one is experiencing conflict within. Part of them feels they should be doing one thing and another part of them feels they should be doing something else.

But if someone has been conditioned to believe that procrastination is always bad for example, they could completely ignore this conflict. They might have no awareness as to why they keep sabotaging themselves and putting certain areas of their life on hold.

Black And White

To say that procrastination is always bad would be a massive oversight and wouldn’t take into account the benefits of it. Of course, there will be times when it is going to affect one’s life in ways that are negative. And in cases like this, one will need to look at why they are stopping themselves and do what is necessary.

However, if one does take a closer look at their conflict, they might find that they have a good reason for not doing something. So beyond what their mind has been conditioned to believe about procrastination and how they are lazy, weak or lack drive for instance, could be something quiet unexpected.

Other Angle

Once they have broken away completely or even momentarily from what their mind has been telling them, they might be able to see if there is another reason for how they have been behaving.

And these reasons could range from things that they might have always known, to reasons that will shake them to their core. And this process might not happen instantly; especially if one has been cut off from themselves for a while or for most of their life.


Through looking at the reasons for their conflict, one might find that they have been putting something of because it is not what they want to do; it is what they feel they should be doing. It could also be about timing and that now is not the right time for one to do it.

One might not know why it is not the right time to do something, but something is telling them to wait. Other people might understand this and show their encouragement, or they could invalidate them and make one question what they are doing.


It will be important for one to be honest with themselves and to question whether they are doing the right thing or not, and not to solely place their attention on what other people say. There might be the need for one to have some kind of assistance; it will all depend on how much of a challenge this is for them.

One thing is certain; blaming oneself for not doing something is not going to going to help. What will be important is for one to focus on why something is important and to let that move them forward.

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