It has become "normal" and not just accepted but expected that people turn to a problem page when they are in need of advice, support, sympathy, understanding, care, a listening ear, a sounding board and advice. For this reason there are now various websites offering their advice columns, marriage advice, divorce advice, dating advice and information and guidance on anything to do with romance, love, happiness and life.

Rosemary Price who is famous for being a leading psychic and clairvoyant says he good thing about this is that there are now a lot of sites where you can access this information instantly on your computer, very often totally free of charge. But there is a downside to this too. You can be swamped with choice and it is hard to work out who is trustworthy. When we turn to someone for comfort and advice we need to be sure that the knowledge and information they give us is worth having, that anything they tell us is accurate and helpful. If we simply want to sound off and moan about things or talk to someone who does not understand or cannot help we can do this with someone at work, or a neighbour or a friend, and at least with them we have the advantage that they already know things about us that might help them to understand how we feel and the situation we are in. The worst thing you can do when you are desperate for advice is to turn to someone who is unreliable and gives the wrong information or is not really concerned about you and simply sees you as a way to make money, a business transaction.

If you met someone in the street or in a coffee shop and they said to you that you could trust them to give you wise and helpful advice on a huge problem you would not instantly trust them, the fact they have put together a website should not mean that they are trustworthy.

It is not legally necessary to be qualified when you work as an agony aunt, it should be but it is not. This means that anyone who has some money to spare and some ambition to make money can set up a website and purport to be an expert. They may be genuine and it is possible they really do care, but you cannot be sure of this. I have worked as a leading, qualified expert for over thirty years and come across a lot of people who claim and genuinely believe themselves to have what it takes to do this work, but that does not mean they were right. Some were simply bored housewives, others were going through an identity crisis, some were at a loose end and bored and thought it would offer them the excitement and feeling of importance they craved. If they can give the help needed this is fine but without that ability it is dangerous.

In a way to be given the wrong advice when you are anxious, worried, needing to know where to turn is as bad as giving you the wrong medicine when you go to see a doctor and find out they were a quack. You need the right help and you need it now, while you are suffering. You are already feeling awful so to end up feeling worse is unforgiveable. To feel let down by someone you turned to in your hour of need is awful.

For this reason I set up The Association of Agony Aunts and only allow experts who have been thoroughly trained to work for me. To me it is far more important that the person gets the right advice than that the person wanting to give the advice is satisfied. If you want to get advice from unqualified people you can go onto dating, relationship and problem forums and get that for free, you would not need to pay anyone for it nor trust them with a huge and mind boggling problem. I do not allow people to work for me if they are only interested in doing this because they are bored, or want to boost their ego or in need of a way to make money by working online. They have to be excellent at explaining themselves, giving advice and understanding people and their problems.

For expert advice, a great problem page, training and jobs for those who are interested and suitable go to by The Association of Agony Aunts. Charlotte Craig has been recommended by the Press, experts, professionals and celebrities, they cannot all be wrong.

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Rosemary Price has been a leading Agony Aunt for over thirty years. She is President of The Association of Agony Aunts, recommended by celebrities, the Press, experts and professionals. You can consult her personally by phone or email.