Stress, there is that word that seems to permeate the existence of all mankind and is very much prevalent in the animal kingdom as well. The speed of our daily existance and the responsibilities we each carry increases the amount of stress that we have to constantly endure. Does it not make sense that our pets are under a similar amount of stress in their lives in having to cope with us and their life regimen. Probiotics and microbials have become very popular for humans in an effort to ease the stress we humans have to deal with on a consistent basis and you can take it to the bank that your pets will enjoy the same benefits.
Probiotics and microbials are, indeed, your pets health and happiness pill.

This writing is going to provide food for thought and to some degree, explain how microbials and probiotics will assist your pets so that the stress that we humans endure does affect our pets and how we, as care givers, can help them cope with the stress that they drain from us and pay them back for the love and happiness that they give to us.

In previous writings, I have discussed how probiotics and microbials were originally researched around the beginning of the 19th century by a professor in Russia for animals and their ability to thrive and produce more meat, milk and to be healthier in the process. Well, about 20 years ago, the benefits that were good for the animals have been found to be very much beneficial to people and the human probiotic industry was born. In recents years, our living circumstances have changed and the research of microbials and probiotics have rediscovered the benefits of providing natural products that enable animals to absorb all the vital nutrients for health and happiness and enzymes to stimulate their immunities systems are just as important to animals as it is to humans and , to state the obvious, just as beneficial.

OK. Why are our animals and pets under stress? Well does it not follow that the more stressful the human life style gets, then the pets stress level in life will ramp up as well. Looking at the picture from the other side, the side of your pet, their responsibility in life is to take care of you and your family, protect you, let you know when there are dangers or even just someone walking on their street or by their car and to drain the stress that we humans have accumulated in our time away from them. To them it does not matter what happened to you that day, it is their responsibility to come to you, ease your nerves, calm your feelings and make you feel good and to relax your mind. We can all agree without exception, that we have all experienced this in our pets.

Let's now talk about the stress that is present in our pets lives today which is increasing just as ours is. In the process of domestication, things have become very different for our pets. We take them with us when we choose to. They travel with us on holidays, in cars, on planes and numerous other forms of transportation. We have changed their type of food. Just check their mouths and you will find teeth that were meant to rip meat apart and we are mostly feeding kibble. Most animals with fangs are carnivores not herbivores, however, having said that, the kibble does provide the proper levels of nutrients, fat and protein that our pets require on a daily basis. Probiotics and microbials will help the animal absorb these vital nutrients provided in the food assuming a quality food is being provided. What is being put into dog food, in some instances, is a horrible story and is a subject worth it's own time.

Our pets are subject to training and various levels of obedience so that they are socially acceptable in our human lives. We teach them tricks for our entertainment and we take them to shows to compare them one agaist another to ultimately declare them Champions in their breed to quote “Better the breed” and appease our competitive nature. On top of all the things just mentioned, they have their self imposed responsibility of taking care of the family and their home that they ultimately end up in having had no say in the matter. These things do provide stress on our pets along with many others which impairs the digestive tract and reduces the ability to absorb the vital nutrients needed for them to have health and happiness.

At the risk of repeating myself, I am now going to explain how probiotics and microbials work and how these natural sources of good bacteria and immunity systems stimulants work. Animals, by virtue of where they are in the chain of living things on this earth, are constantly exposing themselves to, I will use the term germs, “germs” in their every day life. They just do what they do with what God gave them. They are constantly having to fight against the “germs” that they are confronted with day after day. Very quickly, what microbials and probiotics do is maintain the digestive tract by providing a supply of good bacteria and stimulants for the immunity systems so that most of the vital nutrients in the food we are providing for them can be absorbed and not excreted without providing any benefit to your pet at all.

As care givers to our pets, it seems logical to me that we learn as much as we can to understand the problems that our pets are experiencing and, maybe more importantly, do what we can to provide our pets with the ability to cope with the stress of their lives taking care of us and the huge responsibility that it provides for them. Just think about that!

I will say this again that I feel that Fastrack microbial and probiotic products are the best on the market and are readily available where ever you and your pet live. The products are properly tested, packaged and what is printed on the label is not only true but the minimum provided in the jar.

Enjoy your pets and love them back not only physically but in a way that will help them to have health, energy, vitality and happiness. Until the next time.

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Bruce Pickett has been exhibiting and breeding German Shepherd dogs for over 20 years and in that time has learned a few things that will help to give your pets a healthier and happier life. If you want to get more information to help your pet, call 905-342-3750, go to or email .