The saying ”Act or be Acted Upon” holds such truth that the importance of being aware and in tune with your life, should always be at the forefront of your thought process. Life moves on everyday, and you are either actively moving along with it, or are passively being led by an invisible hand.

Funny how one does not realize how habits, whether good or bad seem to set in and stay for years unless you are consciously aware of them. Being pro-active in your daily happenings, as opposed to being re-active, and just letting life happen, sets the stage for life satisfaction.

It’s simple common sense to be aware that there will be a big positive or negative presence in your life, when it comes to choosing whether you will take a leadership role, and create and move towards what you want, or a victim role, where you sit back and watch as things happen to and in your life, because you are re-active instead of pro-active.

Pro-active people are always doing something to create the moments they wish to experience in life. They tend to be of positive nature and determined mindsets, along with having a good core of confidence. They take steps on a daily basis to be in the present moment, they know that what they do and achieve in this moment, will create their next moment. They are aware that they and only they have control over their daily way of being and attitude. They also know the importance of not rushing when deciding on something important, and instead, taking a step back to see things as a whole before making decisions. They are comfortable with their power of choice, and know whatever it is they choose, will have an immediate good or bad impact on their life.

Re-active people tend to shy away from things that may entail work, in order to get them to a better place in any given life situation. They tend to prefer sitting back and waiting. They say they are going to do something, but never get around to it. There is blame and accusation, instead of responsibility. They just kind of let things happen to and around them, instead of taking a pro-active role and taking the steps needed to create positive change. They may have also habitually taken on the role of victim.

So what steps can be taken to be more pro-active instead of re-active? Below are 5 steps to help you become more aware of the subtle and not so subtle things you can do today to begin creating positive change.

1) Be in the present moment, and understand the value of being so. Use daily simple exercises, such as closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths whenever a moment seems to get stressed or chaotic. Write little affirmations on the importance of always being in the present moment, and carry them with you to read throughout your day, until your new thinking on this way of being becomes, second nature to you.

2) Know the importance of having a positive attitude, as it sets the stage for everything. A simple tool to use in becoming more aware of what your daily attitude is, and to begin creating change if need be, is to be mindful of what you say to yourself throughout the day. Is your self-talk positive or negative? Is it helpful or hindering? Is it caring or uncaring of both yourself and others? The list can go on and on, the point is to be aware of what works in a positive way in regard to attitude and what works in negative way, and then begin making shifts towards a delightful attitude with positive, empowering ways.

3) Become knowledgeable on the topic of how habits are formed, and how they can work both for and against you. Know that many of us tend to have some habits for years that were subconsciously created, and we never pay them any mind, however, they do play a big part in what we do on a daily basis, as well as influencing how we create and think.
Habits start rather innocently. Each time an action is repeated, it is s strengthened, and becomes stronger and stronger, while quietly creating a powerful hold over you, most times without you even realizing it.
Once you have an awareness of the nature of habits, you can then begin to take the necessary steps to change a habit that no longer works for you, in favor of one that does.
The first step is recognizing which habit no longer suits you. The second step is having a strong desire to break the habit, and to then successfully replace it with one that can works better in your life, more in essence with your
Well-being. When these two things are in place, the stage is set for positive change.

4) Be aware of people, places and happenings. A simple thing to be mindful of in your daily interactions is to, not only listen to answer people when they speak, but to listen and really hear what people are expressing, with the intent of understanding. Also keep in mind that one should agree to disagree, as we will never agree on all. You also want to naturally be able to take in your surroundings as a whole.

5) Build your life around an inner core that emanates honesty, respect and care for yourself and others. Also, take time to make sure you have a nice flow and balance in regard to your daily doings. Know the feeling of gratitude well. Be mindful not to judge others, but to keep your right to choose whom to let into your inner circle and outer circle. Cultivate the mindset of helper not helpless.

Oh, and always remember the importance of your beliefs, your desires, and your goals. And of course in the mist of this, always, always remember the value of relaxation, laughter and fun…

With Love,

Lori Snyder

© 2013 Lori Snyder

Author's Bio: 

Lori Snyder is the outspoken creator of the recently launched “The Female Challenge” a core workout for mind, body and soul, focusing on the five cores of empowered success. She also wrote and facilitated the very powerful seminar/workshop “How to Stay Sane Before, During & After your Divorce” which helped many successfully move through this very transitional life change. Also being published soon, is the much awaited book “The Goddess Effect-Revealed” which acts as not only a book, but a seven week empowerment program, promised to rock your world into success mode.

As a Speaker, Author, Occasional Cable TV Host/Anchor, former Dale Carnegie Consultant, and Certified Transition, Business and Lifestyle Coach, Lori is an expert in helping others discover their greatness. She is known for being on target in her coaching practice, and has a gift for being able to tap into her client’s essence after knowing them for a short period of time.

Lori’s focus is on integrating all core dimensions to help each person move into their most powerful, productive and successful state of well-being. She helps guide each person through the very things that are holding them back from achieving a life they love, and the happiness, success and joy they deserve.

Lori has been featured in More Magazine, where she was interviewed on her practices and thoughts toward achieving a healthy lifestyle, along with supreme balance to achieve optimal body, mind and soul.
She was also sought after by Wellness Magazine to act as their Life Coach for a six-month feature, where she was the exclusive Life-Stylist Coach for six participants. Lori helped them create a life they loved through a six-month transitional journey, focusing on the individual needs of each person.
Lori has also written for many publications, both on and offline, including Generations Magazine, where she helped Senior’s with transition. Lori enjoyed a seat on the board of the Long Island Professional Women’s Association, and had an ongoing column in their monthly publication.

With a degree in Sociology and Anthropology, Lori has extensively studied psychology, sociology, philosophy and anthropology. She is also accredited and certified, both as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).
Lori has a natural passion and love for her work. She enthusiastically helps her client’s re-discover, re-define and re-create their life. she helps them to focus, establish and implement a plan of action, that will accept nothing less then their success.

Lori believes that the way one cultivates and cares for a relationship with themselves and with others is very important, along with how they nourish their body, mind and soul on a daily basis. She feels that each person holds within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into can help them to create powerful, positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one.