In a typical situation, customer queries are addressed when they arise. Though an instant query resolution would make them happy this reactive approach may not provide you with the desired customer satisfaction level. So, a better option for an inflated customer contentment rate is the “proactive approach”.Now, what exactly is a proactive approach? Well, it means, you solve problems before customers have to call you. With a proactive customer support, you can solve customer queries even before they become aware of them. Let’s see how you can accomplish this highly efficacious strategy.

Identify the weak points and work towards their betterment:
An exceptional customer service is the one where the customers are fully satisfied. This satisfaction level can be achieved by providing them with what they desire. What they desire can further be found out through proper research about their requirements or by implementing a proactive customer support. Consider asking for a feedback from all your customers, so that, you can identify the areas that need improvement. Once you’ve figured out those areas, you can work towards their betterment. This proactive approach not only increases customer satisfaction but also boosts a company’s profits.

Admit and amend your mistakes before the customers know of them:
Instead of hiding your flaws, it is better to admit your mistakes and correct them before your customers come to know about them. Once you identify the problem, alert the customers to it at once and offer an apology. Let them know what you are doing to solve the issue and ensure that the problem won’t arise again. In the worst cases, where the action you take to fix the problem doesn’t satisfy their needs, you can consider offering a discount on a future purchase. This can help you build customer trust and loyalty and avoid any sort of damage to the company’s reputation.

Leverage loyalty programs as a part of your proactive customer support:
Loyalty programs, as a part of proactive outreach, demonstrate a company’s desire to reward the customers to thank them for their business. Proactively reaching out to customers with offers in between purchases builds goodwill. Moreover, it provides an additional opportunity for positive interaction with customers that further strengthens their relationship with the company.

Make use of social listening software:
This is yet another method to implement a proactive outreach. A social listening software will alert you to any mentions of your brand online. You can then respond to these mentions and show your gratitude. Reaching out to customers who mention your company, whether, in a good or bad context, enables you to address their needs effectively, thus, boosting customer satisfaction.

Include a live chat feature on your website:
A live chat feature on your website further enhances customer satisfaction by assuring a 24x7x365 assistance. It ensures an instant query resolution and guides the customers throughout the purchasing process. A proactive live chat support further eases out the things for those who hesitate to ask for help.

The live chat agents can simply send out proactive live chat invitations to people who have been stuck on a page for quite some time now. This would help the customers open up. They would further appreciate this effort of being so thoughtful about their needs.

Eventually, a proactive customer support would help resolve the queries faster and boost the customer satisfaction level.

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