Beauty is closely linked with the self-care routine. If you're honest, you're already beautiful. The only thing you have to think about is self-care, and a few ways to make your appearance look better.

Trim Your Beard, Hair & Nails Regularly

It's a known fact that women love facial hair. They find beards attractive, to be more precise, sexy. Don't use a razor, and begin using the trimmer to get a cleaner appearance.

Check the hairstyles you wear. Your hair says something about your character. Maintaining your hairstyles not only shows that you're a self-confident person but also prevents your hair from looking messy and untidy. The same principle applies when it comes to your nails. There is no need for a manicure, but make sure you maintain them neat and tidy.

Invest in classy and quality things

For leather shoes, Esprit watches (ساعات اسبريت), or even your earbuds, prefer choosing the best over quantity, it will show class. Make your purchases with the belief that you're entitled to the ease and fit of all things that have been thoughtfully created.

It's fine to have smaller amounts of each, but be sure you're wearing high-quality leather and make sure you have tech accessories that are loaded with the latest technology and designs.

Take care of your eyes

Maintaining eye health and skin surrounding them is an essential step. The area around the eyes gets older faster than other parts of the skin.

To avoid this, keep applying a sunscreen each when you leave. Start using eye gels, and plan an eye examination. If you aren't able to see clearly, you tend to squint which causes deep frown lines as well as the appearance of crow's feet.

For a quicker alternative and to protect yourself switch your aviators that have thin rims to frames that are larger.

Get Your Shirts & Suits Tailored

The fabric you wear is important, and so is the color of them.

The most important secret weapon for menswear is a finely tailored fit. From your T-shirts all the way to your pants should fit comfortably. It shouldn't be too big or too tight.

For the shades and fabrics, select those with less shine. These are timeless shades such as black’s blues, beige and whites, as well as grays. It's much easier to style them.

Smell Nice All the Time

If you're well-groomed, you don't need to put in any effort to create an impression. The best scents can do the majority of the work for you. Simply choose your preferred Dior Perfumes (عطور ديور) and you're ready to go!

Final Thoughts

In the long term you should exercise. Not always to shed weight or lose weight, however to build muscle mass.

Make your body suppler. Even the most elegant attire and grooming techniques won't make a difference If your body language does not convey confidence. Make sure your feet are at a shoulder width apart, hold your spine straight with your back, chest up and your arms wide.

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I'm a writer form UK.