Losing data contained within your phone is something you would never want. It is because at present most of the people tend to store important contacts and other sensitive information on their phone itself. However, such incidents are meant to happen when you are using a Smartphone, so, it is of paramount importance for you to make sure that you know the steps to recover your lost data in an effective manner. Here are certain tips, which you must remember for doing so.

Step 1- Run the Android Data Recovery Software

In order to initiate with, run the following program on your PC and then select "Android Data Recovery" option given to you on the main interface in order to proceed further. You must note that if you are willing to recover deleted data from a broken phone, and then select "Broken Android Data Extraction".

After this, connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer via USB data cable. However, if you find it difficult in following the procedures to retrieve your data, then you can opt for hiring professionals who provide top-quality Samsung phone repairs in Wollongong.

Step 2- Enable the USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy device

On the connection being made, you will be prompted for setting the device to USB debugging. Then you are required following the on-screen instructions for completing it. 

Step 3- Select the Data Types and Scan the Lost Files from Your Samsung Device

In case everything is going fine, you need to go to the next window, which will allow you to choose the data type you are looking for. In case, you know the type of file, which is to be scanned for the files deleted on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, perhaps you will be willing to uncheck all the file types except the one that you are looking for.

After this, press the Next button in order to proceed to the next step.

In the new opening tab, you are required to root your Samsung galaxy device, in order to make sure that the program can perform a thorough scan of the different files.

In order to do so, you are required hitting the rooting tools button and doing this will send you to another external site in which you can download a tool known as King-Root. After this, you must install the application on your PC and let it root the phone. On completion of the rooting, the data retrieval software for your Samsung Galaxy device will initiate assessing the phone thoroughly as well as display a specific list of outcomes for the file type chosen in the window. Besides this, the progress bar on the top will inform you regarding the status of current scanning.

Step 4: Recover Data from the Samsung Galaxy Phone Memory

On completion of the scan, you will get a window in which all files will be sorted and filtered by categories. Subsequently, you must select the lost data files, which you are willing to retrieve and click on the "Recover button". After this, as the dialogue box will pop up, you must select a path for saving the restored data on your PC. Finally, click on the Recover button once again for exporting the retrieval results to a specified folder. Moreover, for better solutions, you can contact experts who offer services for mobile phone repairs in Wollongong.

Final Words!

Therefore, these are some effective steps on how to recover deleted files from phone memory Samsung. However, if you fail to follow these steps properly, then it is suggested for you to consult a certified phone repairing centre near you, as they have the expertise to solve the issue more effectively.

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