The increase in anti social activities nowadays has resulted in growing concern for a reliable solution and to manage these activities. There are all sorts of legal amendments and other steps implemented to curb the menace of criminal activities but it is not just enough to provide a solution. There is now a need of a more rigid step towards dealing with the problem in a strategically manner. When we talk about a strategically planned manner, one of the best solutions that we have is that of correctional education. Educating the minds help prisoners to have better understanding of what is right and what’s not. The importance of education in one’s life can never be questioned on any grounds- whatever may be the results. So what advantage do prison education has in dealing with increased recidivism is what we are going to discuss here.
More Education and reduced Recidivism
In prisons, the captives are not treated for their mental criminal thinking and just go through a physical imprisonment that leads to no change in their conduct towards the society. This in fact gives rise to their recidivism character and next time they bang with more harsh nature towards the society and its people. This leads to compromised social environment and so it is very important to treat inner mentality of the prisoners.
Thus prison education plays are crucial role in this aspect. Providing better education to the prisoners means equipping them with a tool to tackle the obstacles in their lives. Better education provides them fairer chances to lead a promising life after their term is over. The prisoners get to believe in themselves and their capabilities which results in a great decline in their recidivist nature. By educating them we nurture better citizens for the society and overall a secured living environment.
Employment and rehabilitation benefit
Education in prisons is not restricted to only providing academic exposure to the prisoners. It also includes all kinds of vocational courses to enable the inmates with skills in different fields. This gives them a way to make a living through ethnic ways and discourage their illegal attitude and behavior. The rehabilitation of the prisoners after the prison period is greatly affected by the education provided to them.
There are many studies carried out by the governmental organizations and NGOs which state that inmate education has made a considerable change in the life of many criminals. According to them education proves to have a long lasting and only positive impact on the lives of prisoners. This helps in cutting cost of the after prison rehabilitation programs and saves the extra money invested by the governments.
These are some of the benefits that we have stated from the perspective of individuals. However the overall effects of these education policies are on the society as well. They result in decline in the anti social activities and reduction in violence in the society. Changing lives is no easy job and education is the best way to make these changes easily and effectively.

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The importance of prison education cannot be ignored on any grounds. These correctional education methodologies help in decreasing recidivism rate in the society easily.