The only way to be truly free is to accept your prison, be that in the society or in your own mind. In that acceptance, you have released your resistance. By releasing your resistance, you become free.

Negative emotions and resistance is a denial of the objective reality of the situation and that is a resistance against truth, which means you are living in a lie.

If you live in a lie, you can never find truth and therefore never be free. If you accept the reality objectively, then your resistance has dissolved and your mind will now open in a state of total peace and serenity and at that moment a greater wisdom and consciousness will descend upon you and there you will enter to find freedom within the prison of the human world.

This includes technologies or politics and governments and everything in our world which keeps you in a prison by forcing you to follow society to some degree. You are kept in the prison of making money to have a home, to pay your bills, to eat. Accepting that this is an absolute objective unavoidable reality of a prison that we as human beings must reside in, gives us the freedom to be creative within this prison because we accept the boundary walls which retain us, but now instead of dreaming about being on the other side, we can put our full creativity and energy into what we can do inside this prison. That is when you will find your palace within the prison walls.

We are imprisoned on the planet by gravity and our bodily needs, oxygen and temperature, as well as the atmospheric protection of the suns radiation. This world is our prison, not our home. It becomes our home by virtue of keeping us alive. Likewise, our very body which we take as our self is a prison to our consciousness.

Your mind may be able to dream of going to the stars, but it can only dream, it cannot go there to find out the truth because it is trapped in the prison of your body. However if you accept that you will never know what the stars are like first hand, then you have discovered the difference between you and the inventors of spacecraft or the Hubbell telescope.

Those brilliant minds accepted the prison of their body and this planet, and so instead of just looking up and wishing, they sat down in their prison, looked for what tools they had to work with, and built a means of getting out as best as they could. If I cannot go there because of the prison of my body requiring air etc, then I will find a way to transport it rather than just give up and stay where I am.

Imagine the creative energy that is required to invent the technologies of today. Imagine as well, how much energy you waste in negative thoughts, resenting or feeling frustrated with the limitations and obligations that you must endure. Make a balance sheet and see if the energy you waste could give you the creative ideas to solve some of the problems in your life.

This is the key of the successful people, both materially and spiritually. They accept the limitations of their world, their body, their society and then put all their energy into working with what they have, not just wishing for what they lack. They also put in every effort to get what they need instead of wishing they had a quick easy solution that would give instant success without effort.

Accept the prison in which you live and stop denying reality, and then you will find your creativity will open to give you ways to make your prison a very pleasant place to live.

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