Pictures on canvas

Until you have enjoyed the great pleasure of seeing your own photo on canvas, it is hard to imagine the pleasure that canvas printing can give. There is a great danger when storing digital images that they can get lost through failed hard drives, stolen phones or online photo albums going offline forever.

The only way to store your favourite photos and keep them for posterity is to turn them into hard copies. An effective use of your best digital images is to create a set of cheap canvas prints. The word cheap may at one time have been used in a derogatory sense but, during these times of austerity, to be able to create your own photo on canvas for a price that can only be described as cheap, must be very welcome news to most people.

When you place your pictures on canvas you are committing images to a fascinating surface that has been used by great painters for many centuries. The texture of canvas has been utilised to great effect by painting masters and although nobody would suggest that a digital image compares to a painting by Monet, there is no doubt that canvas prints that have images that mean something personal are not just great to have in your home but also make for wonderful gifts.

Canvas printing

Technology has moved on so fast it is hard to keep pace with the latest innovations; although canvas prints have been with us for some time, many people are unaware of what can be done to turn their own wonderful photos of family members and friends into uniquely brilliant photos on canvas. The process for the customer is remarkably easy as all you have to do is seek out a canvas print website such as Bonusprint , upload your digital image or images, crop to taste, and then leave it up to the website to turn your photo into a photo on canvas.

The technique that is incorporated by the specialist canvas printing websites is through inkjet technology which is a great advancement on the old method of photosensitive paper. Your photo is printed on canvas to create a canvas print which is then wrapped around a wooden frame and fixed at the back. Usually there is a covering to hide the fixing of the photos on canvas which are complemented with wall mounting fixtures so that the canvas prints fit flush to the wall. One of the big joys of photos on canvas is that the style that the canvas printing creates is effective without the need for a frame around each canvas print.

Canvas may be old technology but when it is combined with state of the art canvas printing, the effect when several photos on canvas are hung together can be truly amazing. Because cheap canvas prints are so effective, there really is no excuse for leaving your favourite photos in the digital domain. A photo on canvas is still unusual to see and when the photo is superb in its own right, photos on canvas can turn a dull wall into a fascinating talking point thanks to uniquely wonderful pictures on canvas.

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Bonusprint has been in the photo printing and framing business for many years, always believing in offering a top quality service for a truly competitive price. It is a shame to leave digital photos in the digital domain when they can be so cheaply reproduced as personalised greeting cards, canvas print, a poster or, like a work of art, photo on canvas.