It is clearly seen how happy prince harry is looking forward to his and Meghan Markle’s royal tour to South Africa. That being said, the Duke of Sussex is apparently excited to also introduce her and their baby boy, Archie Harrison, to what he would consider as his ‘second home.’ Prince Harry Says He is Excited To Introduce Meghan Markle And Their Baby as he will be taking its very first official tour to Africa, a part of the world that over the past 2 decades has been a second home to me. Our team’s helped create a meaningful program that we are so excited to share with you.’
He then went on to also add a ‘personal note’ – ‘I can’t wait to introduce my wife and son to South Africa! We’ll see all of you very soon.’

As fans know, this is what the pair has decided to do on their social media, more precisely, exclusively focusing on bringing awareness to a certain cause every month and following only accounts related to that. It was also revealed on the platform that throughout this month, they would use their account to highlight African causes only, ‘from local organizations working hard to better the environment, to young leaders to those who are paving the way for a better future for the Commonwealth and beyond.’

Bizarre Things About Prince Harry!

Prince Harry has always loved spending time in Africa and even took Meghan to the continent when they were dating.
Prince Charles took Harry and William there following the death of Princess Diana in 1997.
Prince Harry told Town & Country's Klara Glowczewska while on a trip to Malawi, the he has loved Africa for many years. The royals are expected to spend ten days in Africa on the royal tour.
The Duke of Sussex said: ”I have this intense sense of complete relaxation and normality here. To not get recognised, to lose myself in the bush with what I would call the most down-to-earth people on the planet, people [dedicated to conservation] with no ulterior motives, no agendas, who would sacrifice everything for the betterment of nature, I talk to them about their jobs, about what they do. And I learn so much."
The Sussex Royal Instagram post said: "As a lead up to the tour, for the month of September, we wish to celebrate the beauty of this wonderful continent as a whole: from local organisations working hard to better the environment, to the young leaders paving the way for a better future for the Commonwealth and beyond.

We all can see and make up how happy Prince Harry Says He is Excited To Introduce Meghan Markle And Their Baby! Being with Meghan all he has to say is “ We adore all of you. You have brightened the world by marrying Meghan.
"Beautiful heart in and out. Your mother would be greatly proud."
Broadcaster Caroline Frost, who once interviewed the Duchess of Sussex, compared the move to that of Princess Diana and Charles taking Prince William on their tour of Australia and New Zealand.
"These selected groups are a small representation of the incredible work being done in Africa today from countless people, local communities and organisations."

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