A dry hands problem can be intimidating and even uncomfortable. In this condition, your hands feel tight, sometimes painful and may appear red or flaky. Worst above all if it’s itchy and painful because of the deep cuts that causes you some sleepless nights. On our daily activity, we always use our hands to reach out however they are always prone to harsh chemicals, unstable humidity due to seasonal changes and improper conditioning. Even though those things are necessary but we forget to limit them exposing from hazardous chemicals and giving them extra care to keep them moisturized and properly nourished.

I listed below some of the causes why our hands tend to dry and basic remedies as well in order to counter the cause.

Factors that cause hands to dry
• Daily chores activities like using detergent and strong acids
• Frequently washing of hands with harsh soap
• Preparing of food which do not have a neutral pH level
• Extreme cold and hot environment
• Rough work that’s deeply contact to the hands

Basic Remedies
• Use of hand cream instead of lotion
• Choose the soap brands that are enriched with moisturizers
• Used of gloves if necessary
• Maintain the average humidity of your room
• Refrain from all activities that expose the hands from chemicals

WE suggest that you should use a hand cream instead of lotion because this product is purposely formulated to help you aiding from dry, cracked and itchy hands. Hand lotions are just blended with moisturizer but they are not equipped with essential ingredients that effectively treat you from drying and cracked hands. The one you should take note in choosing a hand cream is look for a product that is formulate with Super Sterol Liquid. This ingredient was proven by clinical studies to perk up the moisture content deeply to your skin’s cellular level. Based from results over reviews, shoppers prove that it is really intended to treat damaged skin that is severely dry or cracked. If the skin is in a fairly polite state, this ingredient will avoid damage from occurring it later.
Dry hands are actually controllable to occur. Like the other part of your body, your hands also need an optimum care for you always used your hands in most doings. If you do not have idea what products that are effective to use, try to search over the net and read some forums to give you an idea of what other ingredients you should prefer for an excellent hand cream.

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