Fungus is one of those organisms that can survive on literally anything. Which means that it is very likely that sooner or later you may develop toenail fungus if you are not taking care of your nails.

Do not worry, keeping your nails clean is not a difficult job, all you must do is follow some simple tips which will eventually make your toenail go away. 

Prevention tips for nail fungus 

The following tips are very effective for those who are afraid of getting infected with toenail fungus. 

Keep your nails dry as much as possible

Damp nails can attract the fungal spores. Fungus loves moisture, the moisture droplets will be the food for the fungus inviting them to grow on your nail. Whenever you wash your feet ensure to clean them properly, it will keep the fungus away. 

Wash your feet after you come home 

Cleaner nails are healthier nails, whenever you come back home clean your feet properly. use a strong sanitizing soap to wash the dirt and then pat dry with towel. 

Take care of your immunity very well

If you are a lazy person who does not want to take care of himself then you are very likely to attract the toenail fungus. do not be a fool, you need to keep your health in check. take a healthy diet and take some supplements to maintain the optimum health of your immune system.

If you have got the toenail fungus then the best way to improve the immunity and to ger rid of that fungus very fast is to use supplement like Urgent Fungus Destroyer about which you can read on and this is a very effective supplement when it comes to the toenail fungus treatment. 

Cut your nails regularly 

Longer nails are a resident for the fungus. the fungal spore may reside in the longer nails and propagate to become the infection. Therefore, to maintain a healthy toenail you are supposed to clean and cut the nails regularly. 

Change your shoes regularly 

Wearing the same shoe for the whole week is dangerous. Your shoe may have some fungal spores. Clean the shoe once in a w week. Put it under the sun, sprinkle some baking soda in it, use shoe sanitizers. You must have at least two pairs of shoes to wear one of them on alternate days. 

Do not walk bare foot 

Many people think it safe to walk barefoot in their home, or in the garden. It is good but only when there is dew on the grass, apart from that it will damage the nails and the foot. Wear a thick plastic shoe while you walk in the public places or outdoors. 

Do not share your shoes 

Do not share your shoes with anyone unless it is necessary. Otherwise, the other person’s dirt and carelessness will lead to toenail fungus infection. Even when there is an emergency, check if the shoes are clean. 

Keep on checking the symptoms of nail fungus 

A slight change in the look of your nail is a symptom of some health issue. If it is becoming brittle, whitish/yellowish/ or powdery it means that the fungus has attacked, and your nail is deteriorating. Initially it may not feel painful but gradually it can become stout, to avoid any further inconvenience, seek medical advice. 

Some effective ways to kill the toenail fungus 

Treating toenail fungus is not difficult if you are doing it the right way. The following are some effective treatments for nail fungus. 

  • Using some reliable pro-biotics. 
  • Using kitchen staples such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 
  • Disinfectants like bleach and hydrogen per oxide. 
  • Applying effective essential oils. 
  • Using topical creams to treat toenail fungus, for this you will have to consult a physician. 
  • contacting the surgeon n to conduct a laser therapy to treat toenail fungus. 

All the above-mentioned ways are the effective treatments to kill nail fungus. you can consult an expert for a more detailed insight about it.      

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