Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins that occur most commonly in the legs. If you have the question of whether you can prevent varicose veins, a quick response would be, No. But of course, you can prevent the existing varicose veins from worsening. In this post, we will discuss the prevention of the Covington Varicose vein.


Compression hosiery


Compression stockings help to keep the valves of the veins in the correct position. It reduces swelling, pain, blood pooling, and minimizes veins' visibility, thus providing some relief. 


How does compression hosiery work?


Stockings exert consistent pressure on the legs and squeeze ankles and feet by exerting extra pressure. It promotes blood flow back to the heart and prevents the pooling of blood in one place. 


Which type of compression stockings should you use?


Generally, there are three types of compression stockings-


  • Support pantyhose: These stockings exert minimal pressure.


  • Compression socks and stockings: These exert more force than pantyhose and are available in various pressures in pharmacy stores.


  • Prescription compression stockings: These stockings exert maximum pressure, but the stress does not hinder blood circulation.


At what time should you wear compression hosiery?


Though people prefer wearing it only during day time, doctors recommend wearing it at night as well.


Avoid prolonged sitting or standing.


Standing or sitting for a long duration causes blood to pool in the legs as it becomes difficult for your veins to carry blood towards your heart against gravity. While working for long hours sitting or standing at one place, you can do some exercises to boost your blood circulation, such as pedaling, stretching, and bending your knees. You can also try to raise your legs above your heart at least three times a day to improve circulation. 


Healthy lifestyle


Obesity can be a significant aggravating factor so take care of your lifestyle. Exercise regularly and add more protein and fewer carbohydrate sources to your diet. Follow a regimen to reduce your weight. 


Sleeping position for pregnant women


The doctor will recommend that you sleep on your left side. It prevents the exertion of pressure from your expanding uterus onto the prominent veins of your pelvic area. 




You can't do much about familial history, gender, or age, but you can modify your lifestyle to prevent the worsening of the condition of varicose veins. Over the period, your valves become weak. So control your diet, do regular exercise and stay hydrated. 


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