Melanoma is widely caused by exposure to sun. Its prevention should start at an early age as sun damage could later turn into skin cancer, including Melanoma. People with risk factors of this disease should go for regular check-ups. This not only helps in preventing the disease but also helps with the treatment. More the disease spread, more difficult it would be to treat it.

Prevention Of Melanoma

Early detection helps immensely in treatment of this disease. There are some preventive measures, which should be adopted to prevent development of Melanoma. They are as follows-

•The best preventive measure is to avoid exposure to sunlight for long times, especially, at noon when ultraviolet rays are maximum.
•People, who work under sun for long periods, should wear hats, long-sleeved shirts, long skirts, or pants.
•Using High SPF sunscreen with UVA protection, while going out in sun also helps in preventing this disease. Sunscreen should be applied in generous amounts on all exposed area of skin. A waterproof sunscreen is more useful as it does not wash away with sweat.
•Reapplying sunscreen after swimming, while in sun also helps. Sunscreen should be used even in winter.
•Light reflecting surfaces such as water, sand, concrete, and white-painted areas should be avoided, while a person is in the sunlight.
•People living in high altitude areas should be more cautious as skin burns faster at higher altitudes.
•Use of sun lamps, tanning beds and tanning booths should be avoided to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays
•People with fair skin, blue or green eyes, or red or blond should be more cautious while going out in the sun.
•People who had blistering sunburns during childhood or have weak immune system are more prone to this disease. They should go for regular check-ups.
Treatment Of Melanoma

For treating Melanoma various treatment methods are used depending on location, spread, type and stage of the disease. Melanoma, which has spread to other parts of body, is difficult to treat and combination of more than one method is used to treat it.

Surgery: Surgery is widely used to treat melanoma. Cancerous tissues as well as some surrounding tissue are removed with surgery. The amount of skin removed depends on spread of the disease. Some patients may need medication after surgery. In cases of Melanoma spreading to lymph nodes the surgery is used to remove lymph nodes too. Surgery is also done to remove cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Chemotherapy: In this process chemo medicines are given to patients to kill cancer cells. It is used in wide spread cancers or recurring Melanoma.

Immunotherapy: Medications are used to boost and revive immune system so that body’s defence system fights with cancerous cells on its own. They may be given alongside chemotherapy and surgery.

Radiation therapy: Radiations are used to kill and prevent cancer cells from growing further. It is used in wide spreading Melanoma.

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