Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and severe vision impairment for people over 55 worldwide. The central part of the retina in the back of the eye is known as the macula. The retina is where you process all visual images allowing us to read, and to see people and colors.

Macular degeneration (MD) affects central vision and this gradually deteriorates causing functional blindness. Peripheral is initially not greatly affected; however macular degeneration widens over time to reduce peripheral vision.

Many believe that free radicals are the cause of MD and that antioxidants can reduce the early MD. A study of 8,000 people in the Netherlands found that those who developed MD were more likely to be smokers and have high cholesterol.

However, in the most recent study, a clear link was established with the reduction in in age related MD. The study was a meta-analysis of nine studies which covered 90,000 people, and 3000 of those had age related MD.

The signs and symptoms of age related MD included difficulty in reading or difficulty with anything that requires fine vision such as sewing, difficulty distinguishing faces, distortion of images, and dark or blank patches appearing in the center of what you are seeing.

People who are the most at risk of age related MD are people over the age of 50, those who smoke or who have a history of MD. People who smoke increase the risk by a factor of three, and smokers develop MD 10 years before non-smokers.

Other preventative recommendations include a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise; a healthy diet with greens, fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, zinc, vitamin D and e. Lutein is one of the antioxidants found in higher amounts in people with a healthy macular. Lutein may be found in flaxseed oil, and dark green leafy vegetables, flaxseed oil is high in Omega-3.

For reasons scientest have yet to pinpoint, parts of the retina and the macula becomes diseased. As MD progresses, tiny, fragile blood vessels begin to develop in the retina. These vessels often leak blood and fluid that damages the retina any further.

There is a pigment in the macula that possibly acts as a blue-light filter to protect the macula region against oxidation by light. In addition the macular pigment can scavenge free radicals.

In persons who eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables, it has been found that the risk of age - related macular degeneration decreases some 43 percent.

However, most Americans simply don’t let enough fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids, such as lutein.

Here’s is what is recommended to do:

• Eat healthy meals

• . Eliminate fast food from your diet.

• . Eat enough dark green, leafy vegetables.

Lutein is easy to add to your diet if you eat plenty of spinach and other green, leafy vegetables. Every time you eat a spinach salad or a serving of kale or turnip greens, your body is getting high levels of lutein.

The problem is that a lot of people don’t like these foods or don’t eat enough of them. Sometimes we just need to try something we don’t particulary like especially if it’s good for your health.

Maybe it’s wise to just zero in on one food at a time and try to see if you maya eventually change your mind about it.

Here’s something else important to know about lutein. It’s an oil soluble nutrient, and if you merely consume the green leafy vegetables without oil or butter you can’t absorb vegetables the lutein.

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