The problem of hair loss and thinning hair may seem irrelevant to women, but it can happen to women. It is difficult to notice the thinning hair on the crown, Preventing Hair Fall and the parting because you cannot see it by yourself, and it may progress before you know it.

For women who do not want to suffer from hair loss, we will introduce preventive methods from various perspectives such as lifestyle, hair care items, and acupoints. Not only women who are worried about hair loss, but also those who want to know how to deal with it for the future should refer to it.

The five major ingredients recommended to prevent hair loss are liver, natto, nuts, citrus fruits, and azuki beans. Know the nutrients and effects contained in each, and actively incorporate them into your diet.

Improve sleep quality

Sleep is important for hair because growth hormone is secreted while you sleep. Many people are too busy to get enough sleep, but sleeping long and sluggish is not a good night's sleep. It's important to improve your sleep quality, even for short periods.

Relieve stress
Stress has many negative effects, including poor blood flow, hormonal imbalances and autonomic nervous system disturbances, and consumption of zinc, an important nutrient for hair. It is recommended that you find your way to relieve stress and relieve it diligently.

Incorporate aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise refers to the exercise of moving the body while taking in oxygen and burning fat. It is also effective in preventing hair loss because it has the merit of improving cardiopulmonary function and promoting blood circulation. It can also activate a hormone called "serotonin" that enhances happiness, leading to stress relief.

Bathing method

Bathing, which has the effect of relaxing and promoting blood circulation, is also a time you want to make effective use of to prevent hair loss.

Some people like a hot bath, but if it's too hot, the parasympathetic nerves to relax will not work well, and it will be difficult for the body to rest. The optimum temperature is 37 ℃ -38 ℃, so let's take a bath at that temperature.

Use a hair restorer or hair restorer shampoo

One way to prevent thinning hair is to avoid using a general shampoo and use a hair growth shampoo. A shampoo with strong detergency may remove sebum from the scalp more than necessary, which may disturb the scalp environment. Also, some common shampoos contain ingredients that coat the hair, which can clog the pores and cause scalp problems. If possible, choose a hair-growth shampoo made to maintain a good scalp environment.

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