Elder care is a delicate issue. There are possibilities of elder abuse either by the family members or the elder care service providers on several occasions. San Diego Caregivers should understand the possible abuses, such as physical abuse or mental abuse. Care for the elderly should also comprehend the sources of abuse, which include family members like sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, grandchildren and others very close to the elders.

Most of those people who resort to elder care abuse will be unmarried persons that wish to live on the income of the elders, unemployed family members that are dependent on the elder and persons having problems of substance or alcohol abuse that need money for their addiction. Even some persons running care for the elderly homes resort to elder care abuse due to their insensitive approach. With senior care providers like San Diego Home Health Care you are in good hands.

Major physical indicators of abuse in care for the elderly are bruises or injuries. While dealing with such abuse, the Senior Care San Diego should be able to distinguish between accidental bruises and injuries and regularly occurring physical problems. Frequent burns from cigarettes, hot water, or appliances are clear indications of elder care abuse. Mental abuse is revealed by the behaviour of the elders, particularly by the interactions between the elders and the abusers.

If there is mental abuse such as humiliation, threat, or other types of conducts, the elders will hesitate to discuss any of their physical or mental problems with the caregivers. At times, the elderly can even be exposed to sexual abuse from family members, employees of caregivers, attendants of the elderly persons, and even co-residents. The administrators of care for the elderly should be vigilant on all these aspects and keep continuous watch on possible elder care abuse. Then only complete prevention of elder care abuse is possible and the elders live in absolute peach of mind in their final days of life.

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