The reason why parents hire nannies is to keep watch over their kids while they are away from home. Sadly, the very nannies that parents hire are the ones who commit child abuse to the children, without the parents knowing it. If you notice your child being afraid of going back home right after school or changes in school performance, this may prompt you to something about it. Any display of infantile behavior like thumb-sucking, nail-biting, head-banging, rocking, and other disturbing behaviors which he does not normally do, these are signs that there must be something troubling your child. This may be due to emotional abuse.

Sometimes, parents have to hire a nanny to leave their kids with. To get to know the nanny applicants, they are interviewed, screened, and hired by agencies. Unfortunately, some parents do not have the luxury of time to be with their children and talk to them. Usually, parents are not aware of what is happening to their kids lives. Because of this, most parents do not know that their children are already in pain from an abusive nanny. You will see that there are actually many types of abuse and the most common are emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and medical abuse.

When you think that your children are being abused, you can talk to them alone and ask them nicely about the day. Any signs of fear or worry are the things you should watch out for. Try to reassure her that you wont tell anyone or that you are there to protect her. Inspect the child for any bruises, burns or perhaps injuries.

If you do not want your child to suffer from the negative consequences of child abuse, do whatever you can to prevent it from happening. To do this, it is not that easy because even family members or people whom you think you can entrust your child to have the possibility of committing this crime.

These days, there is that most important gadget used and that is the nanny cam. This also available online too. There are so many different places that you can put the surveillance cameras such as in the living room, kitchen, within the childs nursery room, playroom, etc. The kind of camera that you can tuck it anywhere in your house, or you can select a nanny cam which can be placed inside a stuffed toy, figurine, or any other home décor is the wireless camera. Take time to look for the best surveillance camera for your needs because it can absolutely help you look after your child even when you are away from home.

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It cannot be denied that there are so many abusive nannies and the only thing you can actually do to is to install home security camera. This will ensure that you will know what the nanny is doing when you are away from your kids. House security cameras are the only tools that enables you to see how your kids are doing when you are not home.