When two-timing by one or both companion happens, the partnership is shattered. Usually, the scenario is such as this: only one companion cheats and the other companion discovers it. The moment the cheating event is exposed, one companion could act such as the victim, and the other one could take on a defensive attitude to be sure that he won't take all the responsibility. When the cheated companion decides to retaliate, the problem is made more complicated. The incidence of cheating may play a large part in the deterioration of the marriage because of the cycle of vindictiveness that it spawns.

When both partners become so occupied in the feelings of suspicion and resentment, nothing else seems to matter but the instinct to make life a living hell for the other. More troubles come about, including suspicions related with finances and other domestic responsibilities. Infidelity is a venom that influences every facet of the once-blissful union. Faith is not the only thing that this venom destroys. Infidelity brings up past hurts and other kinks in the union.

These old problems turn into sharp weapons that the cheated companion uses versus the two-timing partner. Tiny household problems become bigger due to indiscretion. For instance, when the spouse forgets to take out the trash in the late afternoon, the wife would rant such as mad in the course of breakfast even when she used to ignore something such as this.

What’s the next step for a couple when their relationship turns sour? When the need to run to others and find comfort becomes a common thing for both spouses, is there hope that things would ever perk up? Should separation be the way out? Before you consider getting a separation agreement, it's advisable to think about marriage counseling first.

A professional intercession is in order. Therapy usually works this way: the couple schedules a meeting with a counselor to discuss their problems. The third party (the therapist) asks questions that provoke consideration and reflection in both the man and the woman. These questions are not safe and are sometimes seen as unfeeling because they frequently dwell on sore spots. The idea is to have someone who is not at all emotionally invested in the relationship to act as a mediator. Marriage counseling forces the couple to share their candid thoughts in an unbiased way.

Inadvertently, going to therapy together could be something that the couple can do over the weekends. This can do wonders for a relationship on the brink of destruction. Finding the time to do something or go somewhere together may be something that the married couple totally forgot to do when co-habitation became the norm. While the incidence of cheating has previously occurred, the couple can move forward by doing things to fix the aspects of their union that may have been the primary causes of unfaithfulness.

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