Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS is one of the leading causes of deaths in babies below the age of 1. There is typically no underlying cause found in the autopsy so it can be quite difficult to pinpoint what the causes are. There are, however, several causes that have been found to be directly linked to SIDS and some of the most common include; when a baby sleeps on his stomach, cigarette smoking while pregnant, babies who sleep with soft bedding on their cribs, the use of illegal drugs and alcohol while pregnant, babies who were born as twins or triplets and other multiple births. SIDS can happen to any infant regardless of whether the aforementioned reasons are found to be the cause. This is why the use of a baby breathing monitor can come in handy, especially for first time parents and for babies that are of high risk of SIDS.

A baby breathing monitor is a medical device that is approved by the medical community. It is recommended for babies less than the age of 1 and it primarily works to keep track of a baby's breathing. The device comes equipped with an alarm mechanism that is activated whenever the device detects that the baby has stopped breathing. Its alarm is also triggered when the baby's breathing has significantly slowed down. This type of device is the perfect baby monitor for parents who want to ensure that their baby is safe even when they are asleep and it can help prevent sudden death in babies.

The baby breathing monitor from the brand Nanny is a good option for parents, as it is medically approved. It can be operated with 2 regular AA batteries and comes equipped with extra-sensitive sensors to properly monitor your baby's breathing. It is also portable and can be brought while travelling. It also comes equipped with an indicator to let you know when the batteries need to be charged or needs changing so that you can be assured that it will be left on for your baby's benefit whenever necessary.

Baby Breathing Monitor

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