Preventing illness is not as complicated as you may think. It's no secret that lifestyle habits can determine the overall condition of your health. Your diet is one of the most vital ways for preventing illness. But if is also important that the food you eat has a high nutrient density if you want to be healthy and stay healthy.

So what is nutrient density? Nutrient dense foods have a high nutrient to calorie ratio meaning they are rich in nutrients when compared to their calorie content.

Here's how nutrient density works. When you are hungry and it is just a few hours until dinner you may decide you want a snack. Now if you are concerned about preventing illness, you should make a healthy choice about the snack you want.

You may choose either an apple or a glazed donut. They are roughly the same size and either food works as a quick snack before dinner. Which one do you choose? Hopefully you choose the apple. Now why is that your best choice? Well the apple has around 80 calories and lots of vitamins and fiber that keep you healthy and the nutrient density is perfect too.

The donut has lots of calories. As a matter of fact the donut has 200 calories but it doesn't have many nutrients. The donut also has lots of unhealthy saturated fat and plenty of sugar. If you are truly serious about preventing illness this is not the type of food to eat. (Once in a great while might not hurt to eat such food but don't get hooked on it.)

Some of the foods that are big winners in nutrient density are "superfoods". Many fruits and vegetables qualify as superfoods. The superfood fruits in vegetables include carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, spinach, berries, apples, cherries, pomegranate and oranges.

While food plays an important role in preventing illness it does not always provide you with all the required nutrients you need. Because of that adding vitamin and mineral supplements every day to your regular diet will help to fill your nutrient density void.

However not all vitamin and mineral supplements will qualify as having the proper nutrient density. The Nutrilite brand from Amway is the only global vitamin and mineral supplements to grow, harvest and process plants on its own organic farms.

These plant based vitamins and mineral supplements have been the foundation of Nutrilite's products since the 1930's and are the key ingredients to neutralizing free radical damage and strengthening your immune system.

Only 40% of Americans take vitamin and mineral supplement and you can also bet these people probably don’t have a healthy diet either. This might be somewhat of a clue why more people are not preventing illness in their lives. They may also have a low nutrient density reading in their food also. Take a giant step now by preventing illness in your life and get the information you need by getting my ebook “A Healthy Life For Sure.” It is available at my website:

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