Or almost. Finally, on the surface of things; on the exterior description. If it tickles us, or tickles us. If the cough is dry or wet. If the cold, the drafts, the external events amplify or diminish things. But what has really been said about the interior of the human being? Of the man, the woman, the one who expresses this symptom?
Doctors in the past studied from corpses. They thus understood the anatomy. But we are not corpses. There is a big difference between a corpse and us: life. And what is life? Life is: feeling, feeling, moving and being moved, having desires, having projects. Have a story. Have experiences.
Nothing has been said about diseases. Or so little. Everything remains to be discovered. Everything remains to be said. Not on the disease, but on the patient.

Just before the illness and before the symptom, before the syndromes, just a little bit before what we call the prodromes exist; warning signs. All these little things that we neglect.

All these little flashers on the dashboard of our consciousness, or our pre-consciousness.

The prodromes are found in all areas. The peasant looks at the sunset before going to supper and he knows what the weather will be like the next day. The breeder looks at the cattle, he knows his animals and he fore sees that such an animal will give birth, for example, or be sick, that through a particular behavior. The peasant observes his land, his trees, the teacher his pupils, the mason the walls ... and through details that no one else sees: a slight crack, dryness on the wall, mold, he knows what will happen to this house if nobody does anything. And it can be in a month or a year. The mechanic looks at the condition of your tires, listens to your engine…

But you: do you listen to yourself? Do you know each other? Are you attentive to these cracks in your interior walls, to these noises of your emotional motor? This wear, this particular color, in the evening, in your mental or sentimental sky? Well no ; we overlook that. We think, "It will pass! Whatever ! Is just a little diarrhea, or stools that are barely soft, or too hard, it's just itching, or a small fever, unusual headache, difficulty falling asleep or many awakenings, drop or increase in appetite. A nervousness, that you do not know yourself.

All these are prodromes, are cracks. And all of this wants to grab our attention.

Yes, our biological body has its own language to tell itself. And we will invite you to this learning, as a rehabilitation, to meet with yourself. Far from it, it is not about becoming self-centered. Navelist. Narcissistic. Far from it. It is about being present, lucid, aware, attentive, loving.

If you feel little things in your stomach, you know you are hungry and you are going to eat; it is not to be narcissistic. If you have pressure in the pelvis, you know you have urine in the bladder and need to urinate. Or defecate. It is not to be narcissistic. It is to be alive and to wish to continue to be.
But if you refuse to eat, or go to bed, or defecate, what will happen? The sensation will increase, discomfort, starvation, weakness, intoxication; real problems will arise and you will suffer them.

So welcome to this special meeting. This meeting with you, at the school of your body. You can be a student, in order to become the master of your own life.

The body: quickly become its disciple, so as not to become its slave.

Cured before being sick

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