“Welcome to Ross Stores, how are you?” I said.

“Fine, How are you?” She replied. She was asking out of habit not because she cared about the random loss prevention guy. So I replied like I do with everyone.
Pretty close to wonderful!

That one sentence started what seemed like a 20 minute conversation, in which she told me her life story about how she was just laid off, her son had wrecked her boyfriend’s truck and her daughter was in rehab. Because of that sentence I got a complete stranger to have a real meaningful conversation with me. I was able to give her my personal philosophy on life; along with some things I like to remember when life is hitting a little too hard.

The point I want to make is not about what I went on to say but to talk about the power of our words, both for our benefit and the benefit of others. In today’s society we act like walking zombies. We say "fine" and "good" because that’s what we are trained to say. We also use it as a defense mechanism in order to create space becuase we dont know who we can trust. On top of that, when we do have a conversation, we are more likely to talk about negative things and use negative language, than we are likely to be talking about inspirational and uplifting things.

I mean really think about some different scenarios of your own life. Think of a time when someone told you; how you messed up, how did it affect you? I can tell you I was in kindergarten when a teacher called me dumb and stupid. I carried that around until my junior year in high school. Every time I was struggling in school, I would call myself dumb and stupid just as she had. Now on the opposite side of that coin. How did you feel when someone told you how great you are? My wife sometimes, as I am leaving the house, will tell me that I am amazing and give me a hug; I promise you I wear her words like a cape. I spend the rest of the day feeling untouchable. So what are those times in your life? What are the words you say to yourself? How are your words affecting the people around you?

-The challenge: Next time someone asks how you’re doing? Say something along the lines of (list below) for one week and see if it doesn’t greatly affect how you feel and more importantly how the people around you feel.

"Pretty close to wonderful!"

"Always awesome!"

"Great, so far 3 out of 7" (Depends on the day of the week)

I want you do know that after my conversation with that lady she thanked me, gave me a hug and in fact visited that store on three separate occasions before I left to tell me how she was feeling and how I had impacted her life and she would never forget it. So please, choose your words carefully.

Life is less about our circumstances and situations and all about our perspective on life.

Author's Bio: 

Michael J Brady is a health and fitness coach. He grew up in a broken home. He was introduced  to personal development at a very early age and has since declared himself a warrior for change.