If your business is based in Houston, then you'd naturally prefer to work with a Houston Internet marketing company instead of an online outfit located 1000s of miles away. Talk to your Houston Internet marketing company about doing press releases regularly and distributing these to online press release sites. A press release can help exponentially increase traffic to your website and increase your Google PageRank as well. Here's how:

Benefits of press release services

1.There are scores of online and print publishers looking to publish new and relevant content. A press release gives them fodder for their publication. They get new content and their reader get to read something that's of value because press releases are typically distributed to the media when a company announces a new product, a discount, or something that will help people. So, if and when your press release is reprinted on any publication, it can send the publication's readers straight to your website, thereby increasing your traffic. Can you imagine of what would happen if your press release is picked up by a publication that has millions of readers?

2.Press releases help build brand awareness. Even if the readers do not visit your website, they become aware of the product and services. So, if you have a regular and appropriate press release program going, your brand equity will start building up.

3.All press releases carry a back link to your website. So, the more press releases you distribute, the more backlinks will connect to your website. Here's how the magic happens - search engines consider each backlink to your site as a vote in favor of your site. And, if you have many backlinks coming from high quality sites (all press release services sites are high quality), your Google PageRank goes up. This will make your website move up on the search engine results' pages, thereby increasing its visibility.

4.If you allow a Houston Internet marketing company to handle your press release campaign, it can help you build media relations. Media reporters are forever sniffing for an interview or reporting opportunity, and if your press release is well written and your product offers value, then media reporters will chase you for stories. This will really help you increase brand awareness.

5.All press releases contain relevant keywords. If a Houston Internet marketing company places these keywords in a way that the press release makes for natural reading, then your website will show up much higher in search results. All reputed press release service sites have a high PageRank, and that makes their press releases rank high on search results pages.

These are the benefits of a press release service. Internet marketing companies in Houston are aware of the tricks of the trade and can develop a traffic-generating press release campaign for you. Writing and distributing press releases is a professional's job, and so if you're based in Houston, it's best that you leave your press release campaign to a reputed Houston-based Internet marketing company.

Author's Bio: 

Brian Waraksa is originator of Raxa Design, a Houston Internet marketing company. Brian has been in advertising smaller company branding since 2002. His company also offers Houston SEO services.