A number of days have passed since Donald Trump won the presidential election, but this doesn’t mean that everyone has come to terms with what has taken place. There are plenty of people who can’t get their head around what has happened.

Two Sides

This is something that can relate to the people who wanted Hillary to win and to those who didn’t vote. When it comes to the people in the first category, someone may have thought that there was only one candidate who could win.

It was then a case of when, not if, Hillary would end up in the white house, and so it will be normal for them to be in a state of shock. If someone didn’t vote but still expected her to win, the impact might not be as severe.

Another Factor

However, although they might find it hard to comprehend what has taken place, it doesn’t mean that they will allow the result to define their life. They may think about how there is nothing they can do, and that it is important for them to carry on with their life.

Alternatively, there is the chance that the only reason they didn’t vote is because so many people were voting for her. It was then not necessary for them to get involved, as it was completely one-sided anyway.

Caught Up

Now, there is always the chance that someone will be able to move on with their life even if they had voted for Hillary. They may also realise that there is nothing that they can do about the result.

Yet, there is the chance that they are too attached to simply move on, and it could take them quite some time to return to how they were. At the same time, they may not want to carry on with their life.

The Next Stage

If they are not willing to accept the result, they may look into what they can do to change things in the future. This can be seen as the route that one might take if they were to go about things in the right way.

Another thing they could do is to criticise or attack people who voted for trump, and this could be seen as the wrong approach to take. Through acting in this way, they are going to be acting in a destructive manner.

A Poor Loser

This is the kind of behaviour that can occur when children take part in sports. If a child was to lose a race, for instance, they could end up taking their frustration out on the other children.

At this age, it could be seen as something they will soon grow out of; that’s as long as they are given the right guidance. Thus, as they get older, they will be able to regulate what is taking place within them and to respect other people’s boundaries.


Clearly, this doesn’t always take place, and it then won’t matter how many years pass. When someone is unable to contain their inner experience, it won’t be a surprise for them to put other people down for the decisions they have made.

And in some cases, they could even violate their boundaries and attack them. They could go one step further and destroy other people’s private property.

The News Source

When it comes to why someone would be shocked about the presidential election result, it can be due to what they were told by the mainstream media. This is likely to have been their primary source of information.

One would have been able to read articles that spoke about why Hillary would win, and polls that showed that Trump had no chance whosever. It wouldn’t have mattered if they picked up a paper, listened to the radio or went online as the information would have been the same.

One Outcome

Through being told for so long and by so many news sources that Hillary would win, it would be strange for them to be anything but shocked. The evidence was there and, out of nowhere, Trump won the election.

Yet, if one was to ask a Trump supporter if they were surprised by the result, they could be in for another shock. They could tell them that they expected him to win, and that there was a lot of evidence to support this.

Another Source

This could be a time when they will point out what they heard about from the alternative media. As although the mainstream media had Hillary down to win, this source showed that trump could win.

As a result of this, there would be no reason for Hillary supporters (or anyone else for that matter) to be in such shock if they had paid attention to this source of information. One way of looking at this would be to say that the mainstream media just happened to be wrong, and the alternative media just happened to be right.

A Closer Look

Another way of looking at it would be to say that the mainstream media wasn’t interested in informing people. Their priority was to do everything they could to get Hillary into the white house, and this is why they had to lie.

The alternative media, on the other hand, were there to inform people about what was actually taking place. The former had a vested interest and the latter was doing what the former was supposed to be doing.


It could then be said that the mainstream media has played a part in the shock that some people are experiencing. The source that was supposed to pass on what was taking place had another agenda.

The evidence that they had was not based on reality; it was based on their attempt to try and influence the presidential election. It might then more appropriate to say that the mainstream media exists to create the news and not to report it.

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