A lot has been said about how important it is to be present, with there being a number of benefits to living in the moment. For one thing, being present will allow one to embrace what is taking place in the now and to fully show up.

Through being able to do this, it will be a lot easier for them to truly appreciate each ‘now’ moment of their life. And, as their attention will be in the now, their ability to perform a task well will also improve.

More at Peace

Embracing the now can also have a positive effect on their health, thanks to the fact that they won’t be going over the stressful things that what took place in the past. So, even if there is a lot of drama going on around them, they won’t add to what is taking place by getting caught up in what happened before.

This will increase the likelihood of them making good decisions and behaving in ways that won’t lead to even more disharmony. Naturally, if there isn’t any drama taking place, being this way is still going to enable them to create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Another Area

Being able to fully show up in the now is likely to have a positive effect on their relationships, too. The reason for this is that another person - that’s if they are also present - will be able to feel their presence and this will be very nourishing.

What this illustrates is that being in another person’s company is not enough; their presence also needs to be there. When this happens, one’s body will be there and so will their attention, which will be felt by others.


They may find that they have the tendency to influence others or to inspire them in a number of different ways. Once they have finished being in another person’s presence, this person could end up feeling uplifted.

One is then not necessarily going to be someone who gets on stage and pumps people up, but they can still have a big influence. Then again, this could be exactly what they do on a regular basis.

A Pipe Dream

Experiencing life in this way will be the norm for some people, whilst there will be others who have a radically difference experience on this earth. Consequently, there are likely to be a lot of people who are looking for a way to be more present.

If someone is in this position, what that they could do is to do a search online. For example, they could end up typing in ‘how to be more present’ and seeing what information appears.

One Approach

This could be a time when they will come across information that tells them that they need to learn to detach from their thoughts. By no longer getting caught up in them, they will be able to embrace the now.

Furthermore, they may be told that they need to make sure that they breathe into their stomach, not their chest. This will allow them to take in more air, and by focusing on their breath, it will get them out of their head and into their body – the part of them that lives in the now.

A New Life

Applying what they have learnt and making sure that they practice every day will probably allow them to become more present. As the weeks and months go by, their life could radically improve and the people in their life could even feel that there is more of them.

At the same time, although one may notice that they have changed; what could also become clear is that they are experiencing a lot of resistance. Not only this, they may see that they are denying how they feel.

Another Approach

After realising this, one might take a deeper look into why it is such a challenge for them to embrace the now. What may happen is that they will come cross information that tells them that focusing on their mind is not enough; what they also need to do is to look into what is taking place in their body.

The view that could be put forward is that what is taking place in their mind is often a reflection of what is taking place deeper down. Changing what is taking place in their body is then going to be a way for their mind to settle down.

Calling out

One way of looking at this would be to say that the reason why one is finding it hard to embrace the now is because of the split-off parts of themselves that want to be heard. These parts that exist in their body are crying out to be heard and, until these parts are acknowledged, they will continue to call out.

The question is: what are these parts and why do they exist? Each part that is within their body can relate to a time when they felt overwhelmed, and their mind would have disconnected from a part of them in order to stop the experience from wiping them out.

A Deeper Look

There may have been moments in their adult life when they felt overwhelmed and there may have been moments during their early years when they felt the same way. It could go back even further, though, and what they went though in a past life could be playing a part.

What took place in the past will then be over, but their body will be carrying the emotional effects of what took place. Thus, unless they get in touch with these parts and integrate them, they will continue to consume ones attention and make it incredibly difficult for them to embrace the now.


Taking this into account, if one finds it hard to embrace the now, they can see this as a sign that part of being is trying to communicate with them. This part of them doesn’t want to be changed or fixed; it just wants to be heard.

The masculine energy of doing is not needed here, what is needed is the feminine energy of being. Surrendering to what is taking place and allowing these split-off parts to speak out can be difficult if one is carrying a lot of pain or if they find it hard to connect to their body (feelings).

This is why external support can make such a big difference. A therapist or a healer can hold the space so that one can go where they wouldn’t go by themselves.

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