By Ferdinand Kjaerulff

Now that the first step has been taken with the launch of the Decorator Tool at, we can tantalizingly lift the veil on some of the next steps in the project.

First of all has been the further development of the site’s user friendliness so that more visitors can transform an empty floor-plan with their own furnishings and decoration. This is still the biggest challenge that the team is working to resolve. From the beginning, it’s all been about creating a user-friendly and accessible layout tool that lets the website visitor design and share the design of their future home in full, interactive 3D. The aim has been to devise a web-based tool distinguished by its easy and accessible interface – free of confusing and complicated applications – that makes it easy for the user to get started.

Second has been the development of product exchange – the ability for users to get an overview of the various design products presented as part of the RobinHus Design Experience. Here the visitor will be able to view a presentation of the products and designs, together with accompanying text, image tags and links to other, related designs and products. The innovative 3D media offers an opportunity to showcase furniture in particular, which can typically be difficult to appraise at a distance rather than at first-hand.

Third will be the development of ratings and user feedback on the web-based 3D planning tool used by visitors to decorate their future homes, allowing voting on and ranking of the individual elements of the design products.

Finally, there has been work on a profile system allowing the user to behave both as designer and retailer. This includes a feedback system to the designer, with access to real-time market research about who is choosing their products and how the designs are being used. In this way, the designer receives information directly from his market, rather than the difficult and costly alternative of attending fairs, exhibitions or visiting retailers themselves.

There’s a whole host of interesting new features yet to be released …

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RobinHus is Associated with Denmark Internet-based real estate chain with fixed low fee, where the owner shows up dwelling. The local state-licensed real estate agent does all sales - just open the door.