With Memorial Day approaching this weekend, officially launching the summer season, there’s a general sigh of relief and well-earned, wide-armed welcome after the very long winter we’ve endured. And while I’m the first one out there dusting off the grill for a summer of sundrenched days of pools, burgers, and fun in the sun, I’m also aware that the term “summer vacation” doesn’t apply to everyone. Therefore, making sure we have a productive, peaceful summer – both in and out of the office – is the theme for this week.

Now, you may have read my free time management report entitled “How to Avoid the Productivity Derailment Blues,” so I won’t go into too much detail belaboring it – though if you haven’t read it, click HERE and check it out.

For a casual brush-up, I’ll go over a few brief tools to build some significant time management structure to keep you on track when the scent of fresh-cut grass gets a bit distracting. :)

First, take some time to prioritize your projects for the next few months and organize a broad strategy for when they get done. Next, go back to those tried and true, effective time management habits, like planning out your day the night before. This will give you a clear idea of where every minute of your time is going. Also try re-evaluating and re-ordering your to-do list in the middle of the day – I call it the “Mid-Day Re-Do” – in order to maximize your productivity and minimize procrastination.

Finally – and this has less to do with productivity and more with maintaining the peace over the summer – use the memory of the honorable men and women in uniform to remember the peace and freedom they died for. Passion and commitment to beliefs can lead to fun and provocative discussions, but don’t get so deeply invested in your views – be it politics or who is truly worthy of the last hot dog – that your fervor stands in the way of your relationships. The root of the word “relationship” is “relate” – and it takes all kinds to relate.

This country is called the United States of America. Stand united with your friends and family and make this summer the most productive, peaceful one you’ve had so far.

And as always, feel free to call me if you’d like to talk about how you can make that happen.

Happy Memorial Day!

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