Employees at Ft worth Printers are very busy people because of the so many printing demands from the different business entities in the area and in neighboring communities. It is the sales people who are at the front lines of the business and they are very pleasant, but things can get tough especially with the deadlines that everyone is facing. They are the ones in between the production people and the clients and things could get pretty difficult. The last thing that they need is to keep on computing the quotations for clients to come into the doors of DFW Printers. When they are already pressured, they might be prone to make a mistake.

So the best thing to do to protect the business and also the sales people from paying the short on their quotations, is to prepare ready-made price list for the most common printing jobs that come in. You can make a folder with each sheet containing the quotation for each job. For example, classify the prices so that each page will contain different prices to avoid confusion. Reserve a page for brochures, flyers, posters, and everything else. This will make your price list orderly.

However, the regular printing jobs are not the only ones that need to be on a price list. There are also the printing add-ons that clients would often ask about. If these are added, the sales people can at least just add one figure to the existing printing cost and they would not have to multiply so many items in a formula. Take for example, lamination. It is the most common finishing that is required by Dallas clients. This is because the layer lamination on the printed material does not only improve the appearance of the printed material but also protects it. Some companies prefer having their brochures laminated because they want their materials to be kept by their readers and not just thrown away. Sometimes, it is also because they want to protect the image of their company and don’t want to send out cheap looking brochures.

If you are going to offer the lamination as an add-on, you could easily compute the cost of lamination per square inch of covered surface. For example, the surface of the brochure is 8.5” x 11”, with two sides printing. Multiply the surface area for one copy of brochure to the number of pieces ordered by the client. This is very simple. You can base the number of copies for your quotes based on your ready-made computations for the brochures. Do the same for the rest of the materials and then the rest of the kinds of printed materials.

You can also do this for the stamping and embossing. You can compute the cost of the mold per square inch, add in the cost of labor of doing this per copy, and then multiply and add everything. This way, your sales people will not have to contend with so many formulas and computations.

There are just so many things that Ft worth Printers can offer their clients, including these exciting finishing touches to make the materials durable, nice, and unique. However, sales people of DFW Printers can be very busy in making computations; so, to save them time and effort, these ready-made price lists would help them greatly.

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