We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day; the same is the case with each and every valuable thing in the world. Everything needs a blueprint to follow and then a strategy to devise a plan of action to reach the desired goal/output. It is very important to set a strategy to reach out to your goal because if you have set a goal and have no idea how are you going to go about it, it is going to be a bitter experience and the best thing that can happen then is reaching to the goal when it’s too late.
All of us have been told to set a goal/dream and then work hard continuously until we reach it, but we are almost never told how to do so. Since we have established what you need to do to reach out to your desired goal, now we are going to discuss how to do so.
• Join a preparation institute:
Every B School follows a selection process for the students they take in every year. The syllabus that they follow is easy but vast, and unlike most of the examinations, they don’t just check your knowledge but also test your ability to apply the knowledge at the required time. Preparation institutes are well equipped with this knowledge and have strategies for the students to help them complete the syllabus and build in the skill set required.

• Selection of study material and solving previous year’s question papers:
Since completion of the syllabus is taken care of by the institute you are preparing from; now from your end, you can start practicing by the study material provided to you by the institute and/or some extra study material that you can get your hands on from outside. Apart from the study material, solving previous year’s question papers will be a great idea as you’ll get a better idea of what kind of questions are asked in the examination and which are the important topics.
The above-mentioned points are what everyone is going to do and what will help you in clearing the required cut off; getting inside the desired B school is a totally different story, as you are judged on the basis of your personality now. That is the basic difference between a mugger and a smart person. To polish these extra skills that are looked for in your personality by the selection committee here are some extra tips that might come in handy.
• Participation in management events:
There are a lot of events taking place around us, and the organizers always need an extra helping hand in form of volunteers or responsible people to head a certain department of the event. Getting into such events gives you the required exposure to polish your ability to work in a team and also improve upon your decision-making skills.
• Leadership and public speaking:
Pursuing an MBA course means you are going to do a lot of public dealing or client handling, and a hesitant person is obviously not apt to do the job. Public speaking ability is something that the selectors look for in your personality. Doing a lot of public speaking boosts your confidence and improves your decision-making skills; and if you are the leader of your team public speaking ability is very important to have smooth communication between your team, hence making you a better leader.
• Guidance from people who’ve done it:
It is said that the best things you learn are from experiences, but in today’s fast-paced world experiencing everything is a time taking job; so the best way to learn from experience is to learn from other people’s experiences. Talking to the people who have successfully completed the task and those who are still trying will give you a better insight into what to do and what not to do.
• Consistent reading:
If there is anything that will help you throughout your career is the ability to constantly update your knowledge about everything and anything remotely related to your field. The only possibility to do that is to read and analyze. Reading is an activity that will help you out on different levels. Reading helps you to acquaint yourself with important information and the chance to critically analyze it at the same time. Also, reading enhances your communication skills in terms of grammar (an important section in the entrance exams) and correct usage of words. So the next time you see a collection of information bundled on a piece of paper read it because reading loves you back.
• Balance between social and professional life:
If you are looking forward to doing an MBA as your post-graduation course then you practically have two lives that are important in their own way and it is essential for you to maintain a proper bridge between the two. Your life should be a proper blend of personal and professional life hence you have to schedule your time table in such a manner that your social life shouldn’t hamper your preparation time.

Author's Bio: 

Assistant Professor at Dev Bhoomi School of Business Management Dehradun.