When planting potted perennial bushes and flowers it is important to first select a compatible location based on the type of plant you are planting. To determine this, either look at the plant's tag or inquire with the nursery where you are purchasing the flower or bush to find out whether the plant grows better with more sun or more shade. Sometimes there may be a specification as to whether the plant will grow better with a northern exposure, eastern exposure, etc. Once you have determined a suitable location, the next step will be to dig the hole for the plant.

The tools that you will need for a typical planting are mainly a shovel and a wheelbarrow and perhaps a tape measure to make sure that you obtain uniformity if you are planting a row of flowers or bushes. I would also recommend that you have manure and peat moss on hand before you start the project. Many times the nursery will have a favorite type of compost that they recommend. In that case, you can use their recommended brand of compost rather than peat moss, but either one will usually work equally well.

While you may be able get away with planting smaller flowers and bushes right away, to be completely safe you should always call the proper authority for your area to mark utilities before you dig.

If you are going to be digging in extremely dry or drought type conditions or the ground is unusually hard or compacted, then you can also water the area a day or two before digging which will make it much easier to dig, especially for large bushes, plants or trees. Of course if it is the ground is too dry may want to rethink if you really want to continue with the planting project at that time. You should dig the hole about two to four inches bigger around than the size of the potted flower or plant, including digging an extra two to four inches deeper than the depth of the pot. You also may want to oversize the hole even more for larger bushes or flowers.

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