What can you expect in your first few yoga classes? With people becoming more aware, yoga can often prove to be quite intimidating especially if we depend on the internet and see all the results of those “perfect yoga bodies.” But, before you give, it is important to understand that the true benefits of yoga lie beyond just a sculpted figure. You gain strength, your mind awakens and your body becomes more flexible.

Before you head to a yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh, here are few things that you should know. There is no right way or time to start yoga and nor does it depend on how strong or flexible your core muscles are. What matters is your willingness to join the 200 hour yttc in India and open up your mind and body to gain a new experience. With patience and dedication to the yogic way of life, you will find that the yoga does change your life and makes your mind and soul achieve balance.

Once you have decided that it is time to begin yoga, here are few things that you can do to prep yourself better:

Preparing your body:

There are hard and fast rules, however, following some of the tips below certainly makes the yoga experience better. Wear breathable linen for your yoga classes and make sure that you are not drenched in strong smelling perfume or anything else that might cause an allergic reaction. During the first few classes you will need the help of your teachers and your allergic reaction might make you lose your focus.

Even if you have joined the 200 hour yttc in India to shed some weight, ensure that you eat something that would keep you full and yet not make you feel bloated. Some options are bananas, almonds, smoothies and even avocados for a quick snack. All these foods are loaded with nutrients that help you stay hydrated and energised during those extra strenuous classes.

Preparing your mind :

While the body is important, it is your mind and soul that takes the center stage. Therefore, if you wish to have the best experience in those yoga classes, it is important that you let go of some control. There are chances that you might be afraid of messing up or being wrong, or worse, hurting your body, but remember that these yoga teachers are well-trained in helping you. Mistakes will happen, so it is best to embrace that and let go of all negativity.

Focus on yourself and the experiences that you gain when you are on your yoga mat. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you will be fine. Remember, that there is body pain especially after first few classes, but in most situations, it is just the exercise that has caused the strain. It is all okay till it becomes unbearable. After a few classes, you will be fine and realise that the body pain was because the muscles were regaining their flexibility after years of staying stiff.

Last but not the least, ensure that before you go to your yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh take some time off to relax and breathe. This will help normalize your excitement and also give you time to prep yourself better. Plan for at least an extra 10 to 15 minutes to arrive before the class begins and make use of this time to relax, drink some water and basically bring back the focus to yourself.

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