English Premier League was set up in 1992 and currently 20 teams participate in the championship that runs between Augusts to March. Thirty eight matches are played, mostly on Saturdays and Sunday and a few of them on weekdays. It is one of the most popular competitions across the globe and stadium occupancy goes beyond 90% in most number of cases. Manchester United has been the most successful club winning twelve titles and has done hat-trick twice. Current champions are Manchester City, last season they went on to become winners while scoring record 103 goals all through the tournament. Buy your Premier League tickets today to cheer for your favourite club live on ground.

Out of total 20 teams, each team play against other 19 twice, which includes one home and one away match. Three points are awarded for a win while one for draw, there is no point for loss. Teams are ranked on their points, goal difference and then goals scored. At the end of every season, a club with highest point is awarded the winner, if scores remain same, then goal difference and goal scored are taken into consideration. If scores still remain equal, then a play-off match is played at a neutral venue to decide the winner.

The current Premier League trophy has been designed by Royal Jewellers from Asprey of London. The trophy has been designed on the concept of heraldry of three lions, the symbol that has been associated with English Football. Two of these lions lie on either side above handles of the trophy and the captain of the winning team represents the third lion as he raises the trophy. In 2004 a special replica of the trophy was designed to mark the win of Arsenal, which won the cup without losing any of their single matche. Book your Premiere League 2012 tickets from our website and avail our offers of best prices at competitive rates and delightful services.

The competition is not only great because audiences and fans get to see spectacular performances of some of the greatest players of the world but also finest coaches and managers of these team get to display their splendid strategies and planning on ground. Ryan Giigs has until now completed his twenty seasons and he is also the only player to score in each of these season. He currently holds twelve Premier League champion's medals, a record that remains unbeaten till today.

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