Through the course of time, technology and healthcare have played pivotal roles aiding our survival and evolution. In testing times, like the current one which the entire world is struggling to endure, the conjunction of technology and healthcare has been deemed both necessary and profound.

This edition, The Best of 5 Diagnostic and Pathology Centres, brings into spotlight those healthcare service providers that have acknowledged, achieved, and adopted, this conjunction and are striving to deliver the best of their services. One prominent name among these healthcare service providers is Premier Health Center (PHC).

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a top business magazines.

Premier Health Center started out as a diagnostic facility over 40 years ago to become the largest private diagnostic centre. PHC provides pathology and radiology services to all private medical facilities, public hospitals, and community centres and also operates at a series of standalone hospitals across Chennai.

Under Proficient Leadership

Amidst the stiff Industry competition, Pradeep Chakravarthy has positioned PHC in the healthcare map by providing quality medical technology. Ever since his humble beginning in 2000, he has been tirelessly working towards PHC’s consistent success and has established tie-ups with several medical establishments.

As a result, PHC now stands as one of the finest diagnostic facility, catering over 28 locations across the Chennai. His vision is to make healthcare accessible and affordable to the Chennai population. His determination and futuristic approach enabled the common man to access quality diagnosis, which were once unaffordable for the people of all classes.

PHCs regularly reviews its equipment portfolio and discover latest equipment, in order to maintain its competitive edge. PHC’s future planning includes assessing and expanding its service locations to meet the needs of any expected population growth.

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