When applied by a skilled and well trained licensed massage therapist,pregnancy massage is an effective means for reducing many of the uncomfortable and painful symptoms experienced during pregnancy. Historically, massage was simply inherent in the care women received during pregnancy. It was widely accepted and understood that the pregnant woman needed the life giving support of skilled, experienced, and comforting therapeutic touch to help soothe low back pain or ease leg cramping.

Today,there is social stigma about being touched, also women feel self-conscious about their expanding figure. Unfortunately, prenatal massage is not used often enough by pregnant women. As well, there is fear and concern around women receiving massage during their pregnancy that it may increase certain risks factors that can do harm, such as stimulating labor prematurely. These fears sometimes delay a pregnant woman accessing the real and valuable benefits of massage therapy.

Of course, when seeking a prenatal massage it is best to inquire regarding the therapist's credentials, as well as the massaage therapists overall experience with pregnancy massage. Some massage therapists utilize a specialized bolster system for optimal support of the pregnant woman's body while on the massage table. These bolster systems consist of a cut out area that suspand the weight of the belly while the client is face down. Avoiding any unnecessary pressure and allowing the low back area to decompress.

The wonderful benefits of massage therapy throughout pregnancy testify to the essential need for it. A few examples are increased circulation to the legs and feet, relieving discomforts of edema, gentle decompression of the lumbar spine muscles and surrounding connective tissue. Relieving sciatic and SI joint pain, releasing tense shoulders and tension in the mid back area. As well, massage therapy during pregnancy can soothe the nervous system and help reduce stress levels while increasing your energy levels. The benefits of receiving regular prenatal massage treatments by a skilled and experienced licensed massage therapist are highly advantageous. Prenatal massage increases it's gifts as you use it more often. It is suggested that women should receive prenatal massage sessions as often as they are scheduled to see the OBGYN. When organized in conjunction with doctor's visits, a pregnant woman and her massage therapist can develop a customized and useful conversation regarding the progress of her pregnancy.

During actual labor, massage therapy can also be used.
If it is desireable for her, the pregnant laboring woman can receive pressure at her feet and ankles to help her stay more relaxed in her body and focused in her mind. Skilled and careful massage therapy can encourage labor itself and provide soothing relief as labor progressively builds. Holding points at her low back area can restore tired back muscles between contractions. While a woman in labor may not always welcome anyone touching her, there are key moments when the right placement of a steady, caring hand can offer exponential comfort during the intense experience.

There are numerous possibilities for experiencing the genuine benefits of pregnancy massage care, labor massage, as well as post- partum massage. to learn more about benefits of prenatal and post partum massage therapy, please visit my website: www.amandadonismassage.com

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Amanda Donis is a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified in pregnancy massage therapy. Her therapeutic massage practice located in NYC specializes in body healing massage using skilled, precise, and therapeutic techniques for pain, injury, and women's health issues. She has been working as a licensed massage therapist since 1999 in Washington DC, NYC, and world wide.