According to the theories of reincarnation, karma, and personal fate, your soul selects a lifetime to experience conditions, circumstances, and specific key events prior to your birth in order to learn and understand.

You have free will, within predetermined events in your life, to respond and make the most of your circumstances.

An alternative theory insists on 100% free will, that you don’t have to experience anything you, (your personality), don't want to experience.

Below we compare two distinct outlooks, predetermined events vs. 100% free will, as they relate to typical life circumstances.

1. “Prediction is possible, but you have the power to change coming events,” reads the assertion on the popular psychic website.

According to this philosophy, it’s possible to predict, for example, your romantic partner will leave you, but you have the power to make him or her come back.

Although we don't deny the power of persuasion and what you can achieve through it, what if he or she is finished with the relationship no matter what and won’t even return your messages? The obvious answer is to accept that you can’t control some life circumstances. Doing this makes it much easier to transition into single life and attract a better connection.

2. According to the “you can change your fate” philosophy, no matter the level of disharmony between you and your coworker, you can make it amiable through the power of positive thinking.

Unfortunately, again, you can’t control the behavior of others. Also, our findings show that every two-person connection has unique compatibility and you can’t change that either. Furthermore, select red flag personality traits make it impossible to get along with certain troubled individuals. You can detach from horrible innate compatibility and someone's negative personality traits, but you can’t make it wonderfully harmonious when it’s inherently horrendous.

3. Your daughter enters the local dance contest and unknown to you, one of the judges is determined that her friend’s daughter will win, and she does. Your daughter clearly has more talent than the winner, as the audience can clearly see, but it doesn’t matter. Despite trying to change the outcome with positive thinking, as always, fate prevails.

4. A psychic predicts trouble with a neighbor who is coveting your spouse. You’re already aware of it and have taken steps to limit contact, but there’s nothing you can do about the strange circumstances that pull your spouse and the neighbor together. There’s also nothing you can do about your spouse wanting to spend time with the neighbor. The wise person accepts what he or she can’t change and stops trying to change outcomes that are impossible to alter.

5. Your best friend was barreling down the road of bad habits and you tried to get her to stop partying, to no avail. You could have made her stop if you were insistent enough right? Nope. It’s heartbreaking what she was doing to herself, incurring a lot of damage to herself and others, but there was nothing you could do about it. Interestingly, your other friend with the astonishingly accurate intuition predicted a happy outcome for the troubled friend and that’s exactly what happened. She sobered up and is now helping others avoid the dangerous path she took. While your prayers helped, it was ultimately her choice and fate that she would ditch the bad habits. Others aren't so fortunate. Some people’s fate includes temporary excess, and others include much worse.

Some things in life aren’t very pleasant, but it’s better to face them squarely instead of putting your head in the sand.

It would be great to be able to change fate once incarnated, but that’s not how things work on this dimension. On the bright side, embracing personal fate, and free will within your fate actually engenders an empowering and optimistic outlook, which will pay off eventually.

Your spiritual-self, or higher-self, sometimes contrasts with your ego-self’s expectations but you will save yourself a lot of heartache by rejecting the “I have 100% free will” philosophy.

Of course, set your goals and do everything you can to achieve them, but keeping in mind that the experience is sometimes more important than reaching the desired goal can give you a lot of peace of mind, as can knowing that many of the good things in life are fated too.

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