Controversy about pre diabetes symptoms concerning blood glucose,exercise,overweight and eating the proper foods.Pre Diabetes is the stage just prior to developing full-blown type 2 diabetes.
It is characterized by three main lifestyle choices, and is notable for three main conditions that tend to be pre-cursors for the elevated blood glucose levels that typify the condition.

These are:

1/ Eating the wrong foods

If you are said to be in a stage of pre diabetes then essentially this should act as a warning sign that you need to take immediate action if you are to avoid developing full blown diabetes. The biggest indicator is that your blood glucose levels are higher than they should be for your age, height and build.

Pre Diabetes Symptoms:

Typically people get to this stage by eating the wrong foods, such as foods that are heavily processed, eating foods that are too high in sugar, or simply having portion sizes that are too large.

The fact is that when you look at the statistics for Type 2 Diabetes, which mainly occurs in adults and is where the insulin that the body produces is not being effectively used, you see that well over 90% of all sufferers are overweight.

Sometimes this can be linked to genetic factors, but in the vast majority of cases it is simply that the people either overeat or are eating the wrong types of food.

Pre Diabetes Symptoms:

Usually they are doing both.

2/ Being Obese

Linked in with eating the wrong types of food is being obese.

The clinical definition of obesity is where their Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 30 kg/m2. The BMI compares height and weight and whilst far from perfect, is a pretty good indicator of when something has gone seriously awry and immediate weight loss needs to start.

Obesity has very strong links with symptoms of diabetes, and so losing weight is often a massive contributory factor to either lessening symptoms of diabetes, or even, in some cases, eliminating it entirely.

3/ Not Enough Exercise and a Sedentary Lifestyle

Pre Diabetes Symptoms:

The body is a machine that is designed to move. And in the same way that if you leave your car in the garage for a year without moving it, then you will likely return to some problems. In the same way, if you do not move your body for extended periods of time then you really are asking for problems.

Government health suggestions when it comes to exercise are probably too low, because they suggest that a moderate amount of exercise a couple of times a week is enough.

Honestly, it probably isn’t, and you should really try to do 30 minutes of exercise every day. But the good news as far as avoiding diabetes is concerned is that a little exercise really does go a long way, and that even a couple of short workouts every week will show big benefits.

The reality is that it is perfectly possible to be in the pre diabetes stage and show NO SYMPTOMS. So the only way that you will know for certain is to get a blood glucose test from your doctor.

If you are overweight, sedentary and eat the wrong food then you are certainly at a higher risk. So get it checked!

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