Jerusalem, a Divine City in Need of Salvation and Peace

When examining all of the history we are privy to today, anyone would be hard pressed to find a site as holy, or as riddled with contention as the sacred city of Jerusalem. For more than three millennia now it has stood as the final destination of weary pilgrims and the stage of some of the world’s most miraculous events. It awes the faithful and the curious with its epic history, religious significance and diversity.

The center of both the ancient world and modern-day Israel, Jerusalem has been sacred to Jews since time immemorial, serving as the site of the Temple and home of the Lord. It is the city in which Jesus preached and worked his miracles, the city where he cast out the merchants who defied the house of God, and where he prepared for the final trial that was to befall him. It was also visited by Muhammad who met there with the Abrahamic prophets that had come before him, making the city sacred for Muslims too.

During its long and turbulent history Jerusalem was attacked, besieged and sacked numerous times, even destroyed two times. In spite of this, its citizens continue to live out their daily lives in defiance of hatred, ignorance and fear. Sadly, the words of the 122nd psalm which urge the faithful to pray for peace within its walls are as needed today as they ever were.

An issue as complex as the fate of Jerusalem cannot be taken care of permanently without good faith. The more support is shown to resolve the conflicts surrounding it with peace and mutual respect, the better the chances of establishing a common ground all sides can work off of for everyone’s benefit.

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