Importance of Prayer in Islam

Salah or prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory for the Muslims to offer their prayers as prescribed by the teachings. Prayer holds special importance in Islam as it was specially bestowed upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) when he went on to meet Allah Almighty on the night of Miraj.

According to the teachings of Islam, Muslims are ordered to offer prayer five times a day as follows:

1- Fajar- prayer offered before sunrise
2- Zuhr- a prayer offered at midday, after the sun passes its highest position
3- Asar- a prayer offered at the late part in the afternoon
4- Maghrib- offered just at the time of sunset
5- Isha- between the time after sunset and midnight

Hadith about Prayer:

The following is reported from Hz. Nawfal bin Muawiya (r.a): “A person who does not perform a prayer on time is like someone whose family and property were removed.” (Ibn Hibban).

The following is reported from Jabir Ibn Abdullah (r.a): The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Between faith and unbelief is abandoning the prayer.” (Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Musnad).

The following is reported from Hz. Aisha radiyallahu anha: The Prophet stated the following for the two-rak'ah sunnah of the morning prayer: “This two-rak'ah prayer is definitely better than the world for me.” (Muslim)

What Makes Prayers So Important?

Apart from the fact that offering prayer is an obligation for the Muslims and that it is the second most important pillar of Islam, offering prayer holds significant importance in the lives of Muslims.

It Sets The Rhythm Of The Day

One of the many benefits that prayer holds is setting the rhythm for the day. A call for prayer is set out at the right time, gathering the Muslims in the mosque with everyone standing side by side as they offer Salah. What makes it so unique is the rhythm with which every person unites in the mosque, offers prayer and goes back to their doings afterwards. The call also sets the pace for the daily activities as one manages his time and chores in a manner that can help him reach the mosque on time.

A Ritual Of Glory

Another essential reason why prayers are deemed essential and necessary is that it was bestowed upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) 1400 years ago as a gift from Allah. All those years, the Holy Prophet preached its importance as it helps refresh not only the 'Faith' but also gives physical and mental peace. It was a prayer that helped Muslims gathers strength for their battle against the enemies. Offering prayers enabled them to increase the power of their faith and leave the rest to Allah that will give fruit to their services.

Direct Connection With Allah

Another important factor that makes prayers important is the dua that is offered after the prayer. The offering of the prayer is necessary as it makes it easier for the Muslims to get closer with Allah and ask for their wishes.

Although Allah knows what is in the hearts of everyone, yet He urges that every Muslim should offer sermons after they have completed their prayer. It allows creating a connection between the person himself and Allah, thinking that he is the only one that is being answered to right now and that he is the one that is Allah’s favorite.

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